HERvotes: Why Is the Washington Post Backing Bishops Over Women?

The Washington Post is supporting the Catholic Bishops by repeatedly (and one-sidedly) attacking the Obama administration’s decision to maintain contraception coverage for millions of women, without deductibles or copays, under the Affordable Care Act. The Bishops have demanded that the administration–which has already exempted houses of worship–also exempt businesses owned by religious interests, such as hospitals, universities, insurance companies and social service agencies. And the Post is backing them up.

Not only has the editorial board of the Post opined that the administration should have accommodated the “deeply held views” of those institutions, but the Post has printed other editorials in support of the Bishops, while refusing to print opposing viewpoints in favor of access.

If the administration had exempted every university, hospital, or business with a religious connection, it would have meant that millions of women of all faiths–students, teachers, nurses, social workers, marketing and administrative staff and other employees of those schools and businesses–would have been singled out to lose access to this important coverage, without regard to their own needs, beliefs and conscience.

The Post wants to put the Church hierarchy ahead of the right of individual women to be free from discrimination in their health care plans. That’s where the Post is just wrong.

Tell the Washington Post that women should be allowed to follow their own consciences.

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  1. Michele Marino says:

    After witnessing the incredible response to the Komen decision in just a few short days; we should quickly take action and try to keep up the momentum before it dies down, and summons up the same fervor and support of the masses to send the same huge message to the Bishops. That we are many, and we are sick and tired of them interfering in matters for which they have no business making it their business. Remove the Catholic Bishops from this fabricated position of authority. Put them back in their place, which is certainly not between women’s legs. Shut them down. They have false pretenses, their motives are not sincere, they are the farthest thing from representations of religion, God’s word, and a sincere love of humankind so lets stop playing this patriarchal control game. The gig is up, we’ve got your number, you’ve gotten away with your BS for decades, NO MORE!!! Shut them down, shut them up, they have no say, they have no authority, expose them for who they are and what they really do. They are the fathers of misogyny. It’s time to reunite with a supportive loving family and that would not include the Catholic Bishops who are pure evil.

  2. Michele Marino says:

    Petition the government to dismantle the Catholic Bishops. They are using donations to lobby the government and should not have non profit exempt status. They have no business in the political arena, they need to step down. Down with oppression and the tools of the patriarchy… Go back to church… Better yet, go back to school and re-learn some respect. There is no room in “religion” for bullying… There is no room in “religion” for oppression. There is no room in “religion” for deceit, lies and hatred so stop using “religion” as a front for a brutal attack on women, when the real issue is simply about control, greed, and involvement in unconscionable acts ignored because the almighty dollar can buy anyone salvation in the Catholic church. Why isn’t there a federal investigation into the Catholic Bishops going on? Can we request one of those? I’m sure that a federal investigation into their non-profit status, lobbying taxpayer donation money and “legal” kidnapping of children in third world countries might be a good place to start snooping around? Has anyone ever investigated the 300,000 “healthcare” centers around the world to check the conditions? Or check on the “foster children?” Turn the tables because anyone who puts that much effort into trying to destroy women must certainly have an agenda to keep everyone distracted from wouldn’t you say? Audit the Bishops. Inspect their foster homes for abuse. Inspect their “adoption” records to see how many babies have been stolen from poor women. Wake up people..

  3. 1. Your action link doesn’t work!

    2. I still don’t understand why this fight is not also about the many women, like me, who take birth control for medical reasons. Why are we not controlling the conversation better by making sure that people of every gender and religion understand that for a number of conditions, these are the best treatment? I’ve taken them for years for a reason that has nothing to do with my choices regarding sex or parenting, and I’m frustrated that something that’s vital for my health and that of millions of other women is presented as a moral issue–and that we’re letting it be presented that way. Why can we not tell the WHOLE truth rather than part of it?

  4. Ruth Walker says:

    The link wouldn’t work for me either, but I submitted the following letter to the editor of the Washington Post:

    Requiring all to obey the Affordable Health Care Act does not infringe on anyone’s constitutional freedom of religion. The First Amendment applies just as much to individual citizens as to religious leaders and institutions (including churches), so is the plan to give exemptions to all Catholic/Mormon/Fundamentalist employers?

    Requiring the health insurance companies to provide care without charging either the patient or employer means the extra cost will be picked up by everyone else. This would require all the rest of us to subsidize religious institutions, clearly unconstitutional.

    In 1878, the Supreme Court ruled in Reynolds v. United States that the First Amendment freedom of religion means beliefs and opinions, not actions and practices. “Government could exist only in name under such circumstances.” If this policy were allowed to stand, FLDS leaders must also be allowed to have more than one wife at the same time!


    For far too long, religion has been allowed to intrude on our intentionally secular government. It is time to set things right again. The churches employing people must be required to follow the laws too. There have been too many victims because of religious exemptions and lax enforcement.

  5. Red Cedar Cat says:

    How about we disallow religious institutions from being in business altogether? That would solve the problem. If they are houses of worship, it’s hard for me to understand how they are also business owners.

    No more religious businesses. End of controversy.

    And, I agree, politics and government advising are NOT religious activities and the tax-exempt status for them should end. So, by giving churches tax-exempt status, are we not supporting them with our tax dollars? I object.

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