Who Has More Rights, A Woman Or Her Egg?

If any of the personhood initiatives at play in as many as 11 states this year pass, a fertilized egg would be granted full Constitutional rights. But the woman whose body contains that egg might lose her right to legal abortion (no matter the circumstances) and hormonal birth control. Couples who cannot conceive could lose the right to in vitro fertilization. Those hoping for better treatment of diseases might lose the great promise of stem-cell research. All in the name of controlling a woman’s body and her reproductive life.

For the whole ugly story, please watch this video:

Photo from Flickr user ProgressOhio under Creative Commons 3.0.


  1. Sheer brilliance. Thank you for this. It is critical, magnificent, lucid, desperately needed. I can’t believe we’re even FACING THIS HoRROR, and we must do so together. Susan, everyone: thank you. Tell me how I can help you going forward. -Deb Margolin

  2. I just feel the need to point out that the question of personhood is really the question of what gives a human or animal rights. Which is not a simple question. I’m rather alarmed by how both the pro-choice nor pro-life sides of the debate seem to think that it is.

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