NEWSFLASH: Tennessee May Publish Names of Abortion Providers

A proposed Tennessee law would require the state Department of Health to publish on its website the names of doctors who perform abortions, as well as extensive demographic information about each woman to undergo the procedure. The Defense of Life Act is scheduled to be introduced in the Tennessee House Health and Human Resources Committee this week. The bill would also mandate that doctors who perform abortions have admitting privileges at nearby hospitals.

Opponents say the bill would intimidate women seeking abortions and the doctors who perform them. Jeff Teague, president and CEO of Planned Parenthood of Middle and East Tennessee, sharply criticized the proposed law:

In an environment where doctors are victims of violence—and we’ve had physicians who provide abortion care murdered in the past few years–I think this is an attempt to intimidate and allow for providers to be terrorized.

Opponents are also concerned that the bill would effectively disclose the identities of some women who have abortions in small, rural communities. The information to be made public includes the woman’s age, race, county, marital status, number of children, number of former pregnancies and education level, as well as the location of the procedure.

Representative Gary Odom(D-Nashville) stated, “This is a dangerous piece of legislation,” telling the Huffington Post, “It puts a target on women’s and physicians’ backs.”

Photo from Flickr user World Can’t Wait via Creative Commons 3.0.


  1. Upset Woman says:

    This is horrible, and I don’t support it. Speaking of Planned Parenthood, I just came across some information stating that Planned Parenthood is helping organize a conference with a workshop to promote rape. I realize this is not much information, but you can find out more here: I thought Planned Parenthood meant it when they said they were for women’s sexual autonomy.

    –An upset woman

    • This may just be my computer, but I can’t get your link to work. It just goes to a blank page with a header from the site.

    • also, the only thing I could find about that Planned Parenthood issue was in this article:

      From the article, it seems to me that Planned Parenthood isn’t promoting rape, though they did fail to look up the laws in Wisconsin, which make even consensual sex between teenagers legally regarded as statutory rape, before trying to find teens to work with them.

  2. What the fuck? I can’t even.

  3. Pro Choice says:

    How is this even constitutional?

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