We Heart: A&E CEO Nancy Dubuc!

7536149570_754a2581eaWe love it when powerful women stand up for what’s right, and A&E Networks president and CEO Nancy Dubuc did just that when she decided to suspend Duck Dynasty star Phil Robertson this week after he made racist and homophobic comments in an interview with GQ Magazineeven comparing homosexuality to bestiality.

It wasn’t an easy decision to make, with Duck Dynasty currently the highest-rated reality TV show on air, but Dubuc and A&E Networks  stood by LGBT people everywhere, despite backlash from the popular show’s millions of followers and potential financial loss. Now, the rest of the Duck Dynasty cast is questioning whether they will continue to do the show without Robertson.

Yet another reason why A&E made the right decision is Phil Robertson’s extreme anti-abortion position that only serves to fuel the continued attempts to restrict women’s rights in this country. Although they haven’t received as much media attention, Robertson’s anti-choice views became public recently when his 2010 anti-abortion rant at a church in Virginia went viral. Said Robertson,

And we debate whether some woman has the right to tear you out of there a piece at a time? Come on! You have a god-given right to live, and of all places, inside your mother?

A&E has received an outpouring of criticism about the decision, especially after talk show host Sean Hannity gave out the numbers of Dubuc and A&E chairwoman Abbe Raven on the air Thursday. But we want to  thank you, Nancy Dubuc and A&E, for taking a stand against hatred and bigotry. Please join us in sending our support and urging A&E to stand by their decision. You can email the company at aefeedback@aenetworks.com, or reach out by tweeting @AETV and liking them on Facebook.

Photo of Nancy Dubuc courtesy of Flickr user mipmarkets via Creative Commons



Melissa McGlensey recently graduated from the University of Oregon with a B.A. in English and Spanish with a minor in creative writing; she is currently interning at Ms. Read more from her at OhHeyMeliss.com.


  1. Cynthia Meyers says:

    Great job!

  2. duVergne Gaines says:

    Thank you Nancy Dubuq for doing what’s right and not letting A&E’s profit margin get in the way of standing strong against hate speech.

  3. Thank you A&E!

  4. Carole A. Kenney says:

    Hooray for you standing up to this kind of narrow-minded bigotry.

  5. I am so excited to see good people taking a stand against bigotry, vulgarity and ignorance! Thank you so much. I’ve never seen Duck Dynasty (don’t own a tv) but you have made my day with your courage.

  6. Thank you Nancy Dubuc. Duck Dynasty was neither art nor entertainment for millions like me. You now have the opportunity to get back to the network’s original mission.

  7. What I find ridiculous is that GLAAD spent all those years fighting for gay rights & freedom of speech and then turn around and blast someone else for using theirs! Yet people like Nancy Dubuc, will make phone calls to them asking for their opinion. So lets take a look at what we already know Phil quotes something out of a bible and everyone says he is making hateful comments. But I have supported gay rights movements with GLAAD and watch gay couples parade around with next to nothing on, kissing and making sexual advances towards each other with kids watching. Yet they seem to be praised. But why do I know I’m only the type of person who loves his family and enjoys TV stations that offer good family values. Which is why I have decided that since it seems Nancy Dubuc, and the channels she oversees, seem to follow an organization that seems to not practice what it preaches ” hypocrites ” when they call and get all buddy with GLAAD. And blast a person who just uses freedom of speech and quotes a bible. I will always support gay rights but I will never support hypocrites. See the word ridiculous and absurd have come out of Nancy Dubucs mouth a few times during this event. But you fail to see how absurd and ridiculous it is that you and your stations take sides with a group that only practices their own belief in what’s right and wrong and fail to realize that yes someone’s right to speak about their beliefs has a lot to do with this. I see that it is just your way of covering your own rear end so to speak! But what you have shown me is that since A&E and the other channels you support only support organization’s like GLAAD and fail at supporting your customers who give you the ratings you got, that your not even worth paying the few extra Dollars for to have your stations on my cable. we have come to realize you and the stations you over see do not demonstrate the values we want our kids to have. As in fairness and equality for everyone to have the same rights. We have already blocked all channels you oversee and have contacted our cable provider refusing to pay for the stations you over see and demand they be removed. I would hire attorney to fight every last cent before I would pay it! My kids will learn that everyone not just gay people have the right to freedom of speech and equality, something Dubuc and the others at the stations she over sees does not believe in! But like these so called supporters in your posts commented : they said good job not worrying about your ratings. As simple minded as they are I guess their right you do not need us customers to watch your stations, so I am going to help them along and just make sure me and my family can not do just that. On a final note: since it seems that they try to ignore others peoples rights to freedom of speech I am going to test it, I have take screen shots of this post and the site here. We want to see if they will share our post along with the posts of Dubucs supporters and if not it will be shared on facebook to prove a point. ty

    • When will right wingers learn something about the bill of rights that DOESN’T relate to guns? The First Amendment, freedom of speech, is applicable ONLY to Government Action. Freedom of speech has NOTHING to do with a private organization such as A&E. If one of the people they have under contract violates the terms of that contract, it is bad for business. A&E is within their rights to fire any of the people who make their business look bad. Hate speech makes ANY business look bad. So, A&E is within their rights to cut the guy loose. Period. End of story.

      As for your ravings about gay couples wearing next to nothing and making sexual advances toward one another – I won’t even dignify that, except to tell you that you need help. Try therapy – it does wonders for fear based aggression like yours.

  8. Lori Hanas says:

    Why is it a hate speech to profess an opinion or belief based on a person’s moral axis? If a person from a gay/lesbian group expressed their views regarding the bible – would that person be taken off their show? Why is Phil’s right to express that he is anti-choice any different than a lot of other people in this country. Religion runs deep through out American society and in some regions more than others. What happened to tolerance for another person’s rights? This message that is being sent out by A&E is that only the views of the management and high paying sponsors are what counts, not individual rights or opinions.

    • You are out of context! If they made the same extensively hostile, rude comments about Christians they very likely would be fired

  9. I think it is a little ironic that a site has posters patting each other on the back for their “tolerance” would celebrate someone getting fired for something they said, but then again, you only mean free speech for what you want to hear, right? And from a Duck? Truly sad what has happened to public discourse the last few years. You have become every bit as bad as the moral majority movement in the 70’s and 80’s, and because of your intolerance, the pendulum of politics has now begun to swing back to the middle, and there is nothing you can do to stop it. Enjoy the next couple of decades of being in the minority again. It seems that neither the right nor the left ever understand that America is, and will always be, a moderate, tolerant country, that doesn’t like being pushed to far either way.

  10. Doriene Marshall says:

    Thank you, Nancy Dubuc. We will never be able to change the injustices that abound in this country until hateful thinking like Phil Robertson’s is allowed to die out rather than being held up as some kind of hero. dm

  11. Thank-you, Nancy.

    Tim….Have you read the vulgar words that that “Duck”man say what he thought about gay people. He has every right to speak his mind about his beliefs. He just used such vile language to do so. That’s the offense that caused this.

  12. Jack Cuomo says:

    A&E is doing nothing but window dressing here and I can’t believe all you people are so easily duped. If Nancy Dubuc were really acting in solidarity with the LGBT community she would cancel the upcoming Duck Dynasty Marathon as well as the new Season of DD. Didn’t you get the memo that the ENTIRE ROBERTSON FAMILY is AGREEING that everything the patriarch said was RIGHT?! So what are you going to do now Nancy…..make more millions of dollars on the show while supporting a LGBT HOLOCAUST?
    Anybody who supports her and A&E is an anti-gay weasel>

  13. Walter Dale says:

    You applaud this? Ms Dubuc gives all blonde executives a bad name her decision making and leadership in how she handled this matter. There were several other ways to take action correctly but what she did was ruin her network and create a war where A&E simply cannot win as this thing plays out. This might go down as one of the poorest leadership examples in history. Sure she made a stand and she should have addressed the issue as the leader of A&E. However good leaders have to think beyond the surface and strategically make moves to insure they do not put their organization in the exact postion that A&E is in. From the board room to the fast food counter is where Ms Dubuc is headed.

  14. I agree with your comment 100%.
    He quoted a bible verse, and all hell broke loose! He also said ” My mission today is to go forth and tell people about why I follow Christ and also what the bible teaches, and part of that teaching is that women and men are meant to be together. “However, I would never treat anyone with disrespect just because they are different from me. We are all created by the Almighty and like Him, I love all of humanity. We would all be better off if we loved God and loved each other.” I see no HATE or BIGOTRY here, in anything he said.
    I am also a person that is not a church goer, does not follow any organized religion, am heterosexual, and I do support gay rights . I believe everyone has the right to their beliefs, and respect others opinions. But when it is taken out of context, something must be said.
    This women is in a position of power, and with that power she made a decision, and in my opinion it was the wrong one, did nothing but add fuel to the fire. I believe the pressure was on, and she chose to save her butt!
    After all, it’s just my ” OPINION” and supposedly I have the FREEDOM to say so!

  15. Thank you for making the right decision here, Nancy 🙂

  16. Rev. Wayne l. Chonicki, U.U.A. says:

    Those who ‘thump’ Bibles need reference a couple of BASIC passages upon which ALL else rests…

    1) From the Sermon o the Mount: “…All that has come before has gone away.” (Mosaic Law & Ten Commandments… GONE!) “I AM the new and everlasting Covenant, NO ONE gets to the Father except through ME! And from this day forth… there are but TWO Commandments: You shall love MY Father with a WHOLE heart and… DO NOTHING to your Brother (Sister) that you would NOT have done unto you…”

    2) “Judge NOT, lest Ye BE judged…” “Whatsoever you do for the least of MY brethren, You do TO ME”…

    What gives Phil Robertson AUTHORITY to amend HIS espoused Savior’s commandments??? Everyone is ENTITLED to their opinion, but HE is mistaken— SOMETIMES the simplest instructions can be the HARDEST to follow.

    “Go forth, and ‘sin’ no more…”

    Season’s Greetings!—

  17. Our Freedom of Speech means the GOVERNMENT cannot persecute us for what we say. It doesn’t apply to private enterprises. Your employer can certainly suspend or fire you for comments made in a public setting or when you are representing the company or your position of employment. A&E is perfectly within it’s rights to suspend Phil Robertson. I know I would be fired from my job if I said such things. It goes against our harassment policy.

  18. I think u are getting it wrong….both the left and the right are coming out to support phil Robertson..good example TMZ supports him very liberal….for example..Cracker Barrel pulled items off menus related to recent comments made by phil…and they put them back because of the public support

  19. Nancy Dubuc should resign for her actions. How is voicing her opinion any better than Phil voicing his. It is neither right or wrong it is just his opinion based on his religion, this country was founded by people who wanted freedom of religion and not to be told what their opinion should be. Phil just stated his opinion, he did not try to force people to agree with him, that is what GLAAD and Duluc are doing. Forcing their opinion on others, not letting each have their own opinion. If you don’t agree with Phil or find him offensive you don’t have to watch Duck Dynasty but Duluc et al don’t thing you should have the right to do that. So GLAAD jump on the band wagon here and call for Nancy Duluc to resign for her discriminatory actions.

  20. John Seredich says:

    Nancy Dubuc and Abbe Raven find Phil Robertson so offensive that they are running (right now) an 11-hour Duck Dynasty marathon. If they really found Phil that offensive, they would not run any Duck Dynasty shows. Look up the definition of “hypocrite”.

    And now, TMZ has learned that CEO Nancy Dubuc was under heavy pressure from GLAAD to fire Phil Robertson because members of her staff were “hurt” by his comments. Well, it’s a surprise to know that A&E is not run by Nancy Dubuc but allows its major decisions to be made by GLAAD President Dave Muntex, GLAAD Director of Communications Rich Ferraro, and GLAAD Senior Manager of Communications Seth Adam. A&E is owned by the Disney-ABC Television Group, a subsidiary of The Walt Disney Company. I wonder what Disney Chairman and CEO Robert Iger thinks of GLAAD exerting this kind of pressure on Nancy Dubuc. We have waited many days for Abbe and Nancy to say something about this growing controversy but they say nothing. Clearly it’s time for Bob Iger to step in.

    The supporters of Phil Robertson have already begun boycotting A&E, History, Lifetime, Lifetime Movie Channel, Bio, Military History, Crime & Investigation, and History En Español. Now they are beginning to apply pressure on all those that buy commercial time on A&E (including Sports Authority, MyInstaflex, Zales Jewelry, Mitsubishi Motors, American Hustle, Petco, Citi Credit Card, Geico, M&Ms, Sears, Subway, Sprint, ToysRUs, and Christian Mingle (!) to name a few). I don’t think Christian Mingle will be advertising on A&E for much longer.

  21. There is no way anyone will convince me that A&E did not know what The Robertson Family’s beliefs were before Phil gave this interview. I guess we should be happy that they even consent to air the family prayer at the end of every show. It’s fine if Phil expresses his opinions all day long for the show, because you can edit all of the inflammatory comments before the show airs….but heaven forbid someone actually hear what this man has to say out of earshot of the A&E edit department? Are you kidding me? I’m only surprised that this hasn’t gotten away from A&E before now. I for one read the article and laughed all the way through it. I don’t have to agree with his views to appreciate how bold he is. I mean even the interviewer had a good time interviewing Phil. Anyone who reads this article (without preconceived notions) can see that this man is clearly harmless. He is far from hateful, and his comments held no malice in them what-so-ever. He is simply a God fearing man (who has a past of his own, that he fully acknowledges) who was expressing his opinions on some very sensitive subjects. He had no agenda, he was just talking some plain truth as he sees it. Will some call this man, who holds a Masters in Education, ignorant? Probably. Does his miss quote or paraphrase the Bible? Sure. Does he have a skewed view of history? Maybe. How many of us hold a viewpoint on a subject that we would rather not have aired on national television? In this PC society everyone edits what they say for fear of being judged. Here’s what happens when you don’t…. Well I for one will not be boycotting A&E for being reactionary and creating a firestorm that didn’t have to happen. I want to watch DD for as long as it’s on. This family is hysterical, and it’s truly touching how supportive and loving they are of each other. Let us pretend for a moment that All in the Family was a reality show instead of made up characters…..would A&E have fired Carroll O’Conner for giving an interview that espoused Archie Bunker’s thoughts? Why are the outrageously inflammatory thoughts and views of a fictional character ok to air on Television, but not those of a real life person? (and Phil’s were not even aired on the show). The arguments of people saying that an employer has the right to fire someone for breaking workplace rules….quite frankly falls flat, What workplace rules? For giving an interview without a PR person nearby? It’s clear that A&E knows exactly who Phil is and what he believes…they’ve been editing him for a few years now to make him palatable to the sensitivities of the viewing audience. Like I said earlier…it finally got away from them… and now they are feigning this “Outrage”… Can’t they just have a disclaimer at the beginning of the show saying “The thoughts and views expressed by so and so are not those of A&E..blah blah blah? and call it a day? Ok.. well I have to get back to the Duck Dynasty Marathon that’s currently running in spite of this atrocity….but hey Money is Money right A&E?

  22. This is obviously a terrible business decision that A&E will have to reverse, and it will probably mean the end of Dubuc’s tenure as CEO. I find the promotional photos for A&E’s new show “Rodeo Girls” (the main one denigrates women while at the same time depicting abusive treatment of horses) more offensive than anything Phil Robertson said. He’s articulating a basically Biblical position, whether we like it or not.

  23. Freedom of speech is important and as the saying goes “I may not like what you say but I defend to the death your right to say it!” [loose translation, I believe] but as others have pointed out, Ms Dubuc, should be praised and admired for standing against hatred and bigotry regardless of the effect it has on profits and job security…

    I say Nancy Dubuc for our next President – such commitment would be breath of fresh air! Proud of You Ms. Dubuc

  24. So A&E caved as did Cracker Barrel. Just took a little longer.
    Here’s the executive summary of A&Es statement.

    “We were losing a buttload of money.
    We love Jesus again”.

    Ms Duboc should be on her way out the door soon.

  25. She suspended him but now he’ll be back. I think her choice of programming is stupid. I do not care about these phony people. What happened to ARTS on A & E? She cut all the performers with actual talent to put on “reality” shows. These kind of shows are phony and these people are not real. They all grew their hair and play like they are backwoods characters. They spent several thousands dollars on a wedding! These are millionaires playing at folksy. Too stupid by half. I never watch that station any more. She sent it down the sewer.

  26. Weeza Matthias, MD says:

    I wrote Ms. Duboc a thank you email for having the courage to stand up against the primarily anti-woman, homophobic business community.

    As to his comments about LBGT’s making sexual advances to one another in public, has he watched TV recently? There is so much heterosexual sex going on that you hardly have anything to watch if sex offends you. The homophobia he is trapped in does not allow him to see that Pride days are one of the few times LGBT folk have enough of a feeling of safety to express their sexuality in public.

    And for all the people who feel that it’s okay to express fear and hatred of non-heterosexual people, just substitute black &/or mixed race for any references expressed about the LGBT community and it is easy to see what is hate speech.

    I am pro-choice, as a last resort, i.e., use birthcontrol! The majority of people who are anti-choice don’t want women to have the freedom to be sexual (or mostly nothing besides “traditional” women’s role activities) without patriarchal control.

  27. I’ve watched many an episode of Duck Dynasty in which Phil Robertson and two of the other Robertson boys make sexist comments. This is taken in stride apparently. Anti-Gay remarks are now the straw that breaks the camel’s back. Homophobia and racism should be taken extremely seriously but it angers me that it is still okay to slam women as a group in the entertainment industry. As long as one of these groups is denigrated, all of them will be and none of us are safe.

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