How We’re Doing: International Women’s Day Edition

Many are celebrating today, ourselves included. But being the level-headed, pragmatic feminists that we are, we can’t help but temper the festive mood with a healthy dose of analysis. Eager to see just how far we’ve come in the 15 years  since Hillary Rodham Clinton famously declared women’s rights to be human rights, we’ve been closely […]

Who Ravished Robert Pattinson?

In her March 5 column – rather sensationally titled “The Ravishing of Rob Pattinson” – Wall Street Journal columnist Nancy de Wolf Smith admonishes the young star’s women fans for their age-inappropriate obsession with him, criticizes the media for promoting his hyper-sexualization, and bemoans his rapidly dying innocence. Hmm. And here I thought he was just another chain-smoking, beer-guzzling, 20-something-year-old celebrity jerk who talks about hangovers and vaginas during magazine interviews.

Australia’s War on Small Breasts

As if we small-breasted ladies didn’t have it hard enough. We persevered through adolescences marred by a devastating lack of top-growth, endured comings-of-age minimized by the jabs of our bustier peers and, as adults, find ourselves woefully relegated to Victoria’s Secret’s young teen “Pink” section, from where we covetously eye the perfectly impractical lacy/strappy/barely-there/disgustingly-provocative underthings so […]

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