How to Defuse Police Violence

As the crisis continues to unfold in Baltimore and in communities across the country, it becomes increasingly clear that hiring the right types of police officers is imperative to improving police-community relations. In the Winter 2015 issue of Ms., I outlined why hiring more women officers would go a long way to reducing police violence. Below, find […]

The Nation’s Police Have a Sex-Discrimination Problem

The death of 18-year-old Michael Brown at the hands of a Ferguson, Missouri police officer last month prompted the Department of Justice to launch an investigation into Ferguson’s policing practices. (This investigation comes on the heels of a separate federal probe into the killing of Brown). The new investigation will look at departmental practices that may have […]

Texas Feminists Make History!

It was a historic day—and night, and day again—for abortion rights in Texas yesterday. In a special legislative session, Texas Gov. Rick Perry tried to shove through an oppressive anti-abortion law, SB 5, that could have shut down all but five abortion clinics in the huge state. But state Sen. Wendy Davis wasn’t having it, […]

Equal Marriage: It’s a Feminist Celebration!

Along with millions of other feminists, Ms. magazine and the Feminist Majority Foundation are celebrating the two U.S. Supreme Court decisions today that declared the Defense of Marriage Act unconstitutional and let stand a lower court decision that California’s Proposition 8 is also unconstitutional. The second decision opens the door for same-sex marriages to resume […]

Ms. Turns 40–And Wonder Woman’s Back On Our Cover!

Forty years after Ms. thrilled feminists with its inaugural cover declaring “Wonder Woman for President,” the magazine once again features the iconic superhero. This time, Wonder Woman is striding down the streets of Washington, D.C., behind women marching to stop the attacks on their rights. Wonder Woman has been an enduring symbol of women’s power. […]

Vote Like Your Life Depends on It. Because It Does.

This Friday marks the 91st anniversary of women’s suffrage in the U.S. Yes, many of our grandmothers and great-grandmothers lived in a time when they weren’t allowed to vote. And for African Americans, the right to vote didn’t truly come into full effect until the Voting Rights Act of 1965. But now, armed with that […]

Watch “Gloria,” Support Ms.!

In the terrific new HBO documentary running this week, Gloria: In Her Own Words, we see some priceless early footage of Ms. cofounder Gloria Steinem in the first New York offices of the magazine–a cramped space in which editors seemed to be working elbow-to-elbow. But the dormitory-like conditions just seemed to add to the sisterhood […]

Don’t Lionize Coburn Yet

The debt-ceiling debate has done little good for the U.S. Congress’ reputation in the eyes of Americans (or the world), but there’s one senator for whom it was political manna from heaven: Oklahoma Republican Tom Coburn. The arch-conservative’s return to bipartisan debt-negotiation group the Gang of Six prompted a media lovefest: “Mr. Coburn has many […]

Sex, Lies and Hush Money

By Katherine Spillar This is the story of an illicit sexual relationship between a powerful U.S. senator and his female campaign treasurer, and of the equally powerful male political figures who allegedly helped cover it up. It’s a story where so-called family values and religiosity meet abuse of power. And it’s the story of a […]

Kansas Abortion Doctor Targeted by Extremists–Sound Familiar?

“Are doctors who are willing to provide [abortions] still just on their own, with their face on WANTED posters … waiting to see what happens next?… How do we as a country react?” Rachel Maddow posed that question last week as she reported from Kansas on the escalating campaign of threats, harassment and terror against […]