Happy 100th Birthday, Revolutionary Rosa Parks

It’s a story we’ve all been told: Small, quiet Rosa Parks refused to follow an Alabama bus driver’s order to give up her seat to a white passenger. Her subsequent arrest sparked the 1955-56 Montgomery Bus Boycott and cemented her position in American history textbooks as “the first lady of civil rights.” But the act of nonviolent […]

Sex, Drugs and Self-Absorption in Amy Sohn’s “Motherland”

In Motherland, Amy Sohn offers a satirical, cynical look at life among the latte-sipping, Bugaboo-pushing parents of Brooklyn’s Park Slope. The novel, Sohn’s fourth, gets its title from the name one resident gives to this “land of child rearing, and nurturing, and nonstop care,” but Sohn’s six interwoven narratives reveal parents far more concerned with their […]

A Starting Line-Up of Women’s Basketball Trailblazers

When the 30th annual installment of the NCAA Division I Women’s Basketball Championship tips off Saturday, fans will be glued to the screen, wondering if anyone can stop undefeated Baylor and player of the year Brittney Griner. The athletes on the 64 teams in the tournament stand on the shoulders of generations of women who played […]

100 Years After Marie Curie Set Nobel Record, Why So Few Women in Science?

Marie Skłodowska-Curie, two-time Nobel Laureate, challenged scientific theories and generally accepted beliefs about women’s abilities, blazing a trail for generations of women scientists and professionals to come. But for women in science today, there is still much more trail that needs blazing. One hundred years ago, on December 10, 1911, the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences […]

10 Women Who Would Have Ruled the Blogosphere

Centuries before Al Gore “invented the Internet” and we began blogging in droves, women were recording the details of their lives in journals, letters, memoirs and newspaper columns. From complaining about their husbands and lamenting their infertility to speaking out for social justice and building community where little existed, these proto-bloggers told it like it […]

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