President Obama Takes a Stand for Women on Equal Pay Day


Women in the U.S. make roughly one-third less than men doing the same jobs, which means it would take a woman from January 1 to April 8 the following year (or more than 15 months) to earn what a man does in 12 months. That’s why workers across the country recognize today as Equal Pay Day—a reminder […]

NEWSFLASH: Fast-Food Workers Protest Wage Theft


Fast-food workers nationwide have come together this week to protest wage theft at chains including McDonald’s, Burger King and Wendy’s. Protesters report having been pressured to work while off the clock, purchase restaurant-related items, such as dish-washing liquid, out of their own pockets and work overtime without proper compensation. The rallies took place across the […]

We Spleen: Joan Rivers for Body-Shaming Lena Dunham


Lena Dunham, writer, producer and star of HBO’s hit show, Girls, pushes back against conventional beauty standards by frequently appearing nude on her show and embracing her physique. We applaud her for her boldness. But Joan Rivers has a different take on Dunham’s boundary-crossing ways. The Fashion Police host recently made some way-out-of-line remarks about Dunham on Howard Stern’s radio […]

We <3 McGill University for Reclaiming the "F-Word"

mcgill 4

No, Limbaugh and your like, you can no longer label feminists as typical “bra-burning, butch, bitchy, feminazi” women. The Feminist Collective of the Law School of McGill University in Montreal, Quebec, is here to prove the wide diversity of feminism with their new campaign, “McGill Law Feminists.” The campaign collected photographs of McGill staff, faculty […]

NEWSFLASH: Supremes Disarm Domestic Abuser!


Back in January, we reported on the case of United States v. Castleman, in which James Castleman of Tennessee argued that he should not be banned from having guns, even though he had pled guilty in 2001 to misdemeanor domestic assault against the mother of his child. Under the 1996 Domestic Violence Offender Gun Ban—known […]

What Gloria Steinem Means to Me


Gloria Steinem, co-founding editor of Ms., turns 80 today. In honor of her birthday, we asked friends and colleagues of hers to answer this question: “What does Gloria mean to you?” Below, read touching stories of Gloria’s life and legacy from those who have loved, admired and learned from her over the last eight decades. Happy […]

We <3 the General Manager of Fairbanks’ Co-op Market


After much debate in Fairbanks over the sale of Ms. at their local Co-op Market, citizens have won the battle to keep the magazine on the shelves. Local assemblyman Lance Roberts hadn’t wanted the market to carry such an “extremely left-wing magazine,” but once it refused to bend to his conservative will, he dropped his […]

We <3 Supporters of the Irish LGBT Community


In the tradition of St. Patrick’s Day, many cities will be celebrating the Irish heritage of their citizens in a flood of green, surrounded by the aroma of corned beef and cabbage and washing everything down with a pint of Guinness. New York and Boston mayors Bill de Blasio and Martin Walsh, however, decided to […]

NEWSFLASH: Senate Passes New Procedures for Prosecuting Military Sexual Assault

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Having seen the Pentagon report of 26,000 cases of military sexual assault in 2012, with only 10 percent being prosecuted, is the U.S. Congress finally going to take military sexual assault seriously? There was some good news this week as the Senate unanimously approved a bill proposed by Sen. Claire McCaskill (D-Mo.) that would change […]

NEWSFLASH: University of California Creates New Guidelines After Facing Sexual Assault Complaints


The University of California has created new guidelines for campus administrators to report sexual assault. They are now required to report more types of violence and harassment, provide more support to victims and create harsher punishments for perpetrators. The Clery Act already requires such actions of the university, but UC has also addressed issues that […]