Is Your Campus Safe? 5 Ways to Know

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The following is a reprint from the latest issue of Ms. To get the entire magazine in your mailbox or inbox, subscribe now! According to a 2015 Washington Post-Kaiser Family Foundation poll, 1 in 5 women students experience a rape or attempted rape while in college. Here are five ways to gauge your school’s sexual-violence climate. […]

We Heart: Ellen DeGeneres’ Badass Clothing Line for Girls

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Last month, Gap released a line of clothes for girls that subverts gender norms and celebrates kids as they really are. And oh yeah, it’s designed by your favorite talk show host, Ellen DeGeneres. The promo videos—perhaps our favorite part of the GapKids x ED campaign—not only include a women’s empowerment anthem by Le Tigre (“Deceptacon”), but also […]

White House Issues Reminder: Sex Without Consent Is Rape

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On Tuesday, the White House released a new star-studded public service announcement as part of its anti-rape campaign, It’s On Us, reminding viewers that sex without consent is rape. In the video, celebrities including Zoe Saldana, Matt McGorry, band members from HAIM and more explain in clear terms that if you don’t secure a partner’s […]

A 2,650-Mile Emotional Journey


The front cover of Aspen Matis’ memoir, A Girl in the Woods, bears the lines: “On my second night of college, I was raped. Shattered and alone, I fled to the Mexican border and headed north through 2,650 miles of desert and mountains to Canada, walking the height of America in search of my home. […]

We Spleen: What the AP Called Amal Clooney


Last week, three journalists—Egyptian Canadian Mohamed Fahmy, Egyptian Baher Mohamed and Australian Peter Greste—were sentenced in Egypt to three years behind bars for their work with Al-Jazeera. The sentence was shocking, another example of the erosion of press freedom in Egypt, but the journalists are fighting back. Representing Fahmy is Amal Clooney, an esteemed human rights […]

Women Won the Right to Vote 95 Years Ago Today


In celebration of Women’s Equality Day, the Ms. Blog is reflecting on the events of the pivotal day that secured women’s suffrage: August 26, 1920.  Twenty-six thousand, three hundred and thirty-four very long and difficult days ago, a small but brave band of suffrage pioneers declared: ” … that it is the duty of the women […]

5 Fabulous, Feminist Sketches from Inside Amy Schumer


Fierce, funny feminist Amy Schumer has yet again taken Hollywood by storm with the release of her box office hit, Trainwreck. And it seems she’s just warming up. In the fall, Schumer will premiere the fourth season of her sketch comedy show, Inside Amy Schumer, which, as Comedy Central’s highest-rated season premier of 2013, continues to offer a fresh perspective on the historically dude-centered network. We’re […]

We Heart: The Feminism of “Dear Abby”

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“Dear Abby,” a popular advice column featured in newspapers around the country, is well-known for its heartfelt (and quick-witted) responses. But did you know that the writers behind “Dear Abby” have also dished out sound advice related to sexual health and gender? This Monday, Abby answered a question from “Stunned in Pennsylvania,” who wrote to her seeking advice on […]

We Heart: Janelle Monáe’s #BlackLivesMatter Activism


Last Friday, singer Janelle Monáe appeared on the Today show to perform as part of its summer concert series. After finishing her song “Tightrope,” she began to give an impassioned speech to the still-cheering crowd: Yes Lord! God Bless America! God Bless all who have lost lives to police brutality! We want white America to […]

The Mother Who Secured Women’s Suffrage


Ninety-five years ago Tuesday, the state of Tennessee ratified the 19th Amendment, thus securing the right to vote for American women. Tennessee was the 36th state to ratify the amendment on August 18, 1920, pushing the amendment past the two-thirds majority of states that women needed. But the vote was a close one: It only passed when Harry Burn, a […]