Attention Feminist Filmmakers

Have you been working on a movie about women and wondering where to show it? The Athena Film Festival is looking for woman-centric films to show in February 2011 at Barnard College in New York. Feminist film blog Women In Hollywood is producing the festival.

The festival aims to be a “world-class celebration of films and the women who write and direct them, who are behind the camera, in front of the camera, and in the industry at large.”

The festival will show features, documentaries, and short films, showcasing fiction and non-fiction stories about intrepid individuals, bold leaders, and creative artists.

If you’ve got something that might fit that bill, now is the time to submit it to the festival. Send an email to with a description, and make sure to include:

  • Type of film (documentary, fiction, or short)
  • Running time
  • Year the film was made
  • If the films had any release in theaters, DVD or on TV
  • Country of origin
  • Whether you’ve applied to/accepted for/played other film festivals
  • Your contact information: email, phone, address.

Festival organizers will then contact you if they’d like the DVD, and note that works-in-progress, rough cuts, films directed by men, and films made outside the U.S. ARE eligible. Submission deadline is Sept. 1, 2010. Contact Melissa Silverstein at 718-638-3036 or for more information.

Photo from Creative Commons 2.0 Share and Share Alike License

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