What’s at Stake: Ballot Measures in Your State

The Nov. 4 election is almost here—and we hope you’re feeling well-informed and ready to vote for the best candidates in your state.

If you’re in one of the four states on the map below—Colorado, Oregon, North Dakota and Tennessee—you’ll have the opportunity to vote on measures that could hugely impact women’s daily lives—and our rights. Even if you don’t live in one of these four battleground states, you may have friends or family who do. Pass on this infographic and be sure they know what’s at stake!

In Colorado: Vote NO on amendment 67 and protect access to abortion and birth control. Learn more about the “personhood” measure and your voting rights here.

In Oregon: Vote YES on measure 89 and enshrine women’s equality in the state constitution. Learn more about Oregon’s Equal Rights Amendment and how to vote here.

In North Dakota: Vote NO on measure 1, which would ban abortion and most birth control by redefining “personhood.” Learn more about the amendment and how to vote here.

In Tennessee: Vote NO on amendment 1—don’t let the state take away women’s right to abortion. Learn more about the constitutional amendment and your voting rights here.

Click here for even more on how and where to vote in your state.

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