The Good News From Last Night’s Election

Last night’s election was rough, y’all. We know. But we swear there’s some good news to report! Read on for our post-election roundup of feminist victories (and share them with friends while drowning your sorrows in mimosas).

Voters defeated personhood measures in Colorado (for the third time!) and in North Dakota. That’s a big victory. The amendments could have banned abortion in the states.

The Equal Rights Amendment passed in Oregon, guaranteeing constitutional equality for all in the state.

In Massachusetts, voters elected Maura Healey (D), the first openly gay attorney general in the nation’s history.

There were victories for workers across the country, too: Alaska, Arkansas, Nebraska and South Dakota’s voters all said yes to raising the minimum wage, as did voters in Oakland and San Francisco. In Illinois and Wisconsin, voters passed non-binding referenda asking legislators to raise the minimum wage.

There will soon be more paid sick days for workers in Massachusetts; Oakland, California; and Montclair and Trenton, New Jersey. Massachusetts has the strongest new law, as workers at businesses with 11 or more employees can earn up to 40 hours of paid sick time each year.

Things are looking safer in Washington state: Voters there overwhelmingly backed a measure to implement universal background checks for gun purchases and transfers.

Finally, parents in Seattle will soon have increased access to affordable child care: Voters passed a measure that will create a property-tax levy to fund subsidized preschool spaces.

Did we miss any good news from your neck of the woods? Share it in the comments!

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