It’s Not Too Late to Give the Gift of Support and Solidarity

After I founded Ms. magazine, I was motivated to action by the experiences of women in prison and domestic violence shelters. We decided that simply reporting on the issues they face was not enough. For these women, out of sight too often means they are out of mind – and heart. That’s why we send issues of Ms. to hundreds of shelters and thousands of prisoners – and it’s why we’re asking you to help us send even more.

Simon Brass / Creative Commons

The holiday season is coming to a close, but it isn’t too late to give the gift of Ms. to women in domestic violence shelters and incarcerated women with a tax-deductible donation to the program.

Send these women the gift of Ms. today!

We started the Ms. Magazine Prison and Domestic Violence Shelter Program to let women in prison know they are seen and valued, and that feminists remember them and are fighting for them and alongside them. Because domestic violence shelters can almost be as isolating as prisons – and also often lack libraries or any reading material – we decided to include women in those shelters too.

Let women on the inside know we haven’t forgotten them. Let women in shelters know that we support them in their fight to break free from their abuser.

Click here to send a woman in prison or in a shelter a copy of Ms. It will have her name on it, along with hundreds of pages of support and solidarity. Welcome her to the  community of the women’s movement today.


Gloria Steinem is a writer, speaker and organizer and the co-founder of Ms. She is also active with the Women’s Media Center, Equality Now and Donor Direct Action.