Asylum Seekers, Advocates Urge Garland to End Trump’s Cruel Policies Towards Survivors

Although President Biden has promised to restore humanity to our asylum system, many of his predecessor’s cruelest policies remain in effect, placing vulnerable women and families at risk of deportation to the very dangers they have fled. Trump’s racist, misogynist legacy includes a series of restrictive Justice Department rulings that have made it extremely difficult for people fleeing gender-based violence to win asylum protection.

Connecticut Governor Signs ‘Jennifer’s Law,’ Expanding Definition of Domestic Violence in Attempt to End Coercive Control in Intimate Relationships

Coercive control laws are an important part of addressing the abuse you cannot see, and preventing the physical violence that often follows from it.

“Coercive control is a gateway to physical violence,” said Doreen Hunter, co-founder of the Americas Conference to End Coercive Control. “A high percentage of people who engage in coercive control will eventually resort to physical violence.”