WATCH: Ilyse Hogue Takes On State Laws Criminalizing Abortion

Ilyse Hogue has no patience for the “radical” and “unprecedented” attacks on reproductive freedom being proposed by state lawmakers across the country—and in a new video, the NARAL Pro-Choice America President gets real about the threats they pose to women’s lives.

“It’s not just a step backwards,” Hogue explains in the PSA. “It’s the most dangerous threat we’ve ever seen. And we have to treat it that way.”

Studies show that restricting access to abortion has negative health outcomes for women and children; anti-abortion laws hurt pregnant women and women of color in particular. Yet abortion remains the most over-regulated medical procedure in the company, and the number of “bad medicine” laws keeping women from accessing the care they need is only growing.

Bills that criminalize abortion are now being introduced in state legislatures across the country at breakneck speed—an effort Hogue sees as part of Donald Trump’s campaign promise to “criminalize abortion and punish women.” In the new PSA, she also holds back no punches taking them on.

“Silence is not an option,” Hogue declares. “It’s time to fight like our lives depend on it.  Because they do.”


Ashley LeCroy is an editorial intern for Ms. and a passionate self-identified feminist who aims both to advocate and make space for the world's most marginalized communities. Ashley is currently pursuing a dual degree in Political Science and English with a minor in Anthropology at UCLA—where she writes for FEM, the student-run feminist news magazine, and works on the Art Series staff for the Cultural Affairs Commission.