We Heart: The Boss Squad Driving Women’s Political Campaigns Forward

“Campaigning can be really lonely,” comments Faith Winter, the campaign strategist for ‘RUN: The Series’ and a current State Senator in Colorado, “and the way that you’re successful and get to the finish line is by having an amazing group of women around you.”

The new show highlighting the importance of women supporting and uplifting other women in political campaigning marks the achievement of two of Genevieve Thiers’ goals. The founder and CEO of NewFounders and Technology Consultant and Executive Producer of “RUN” is determined to support feminist policymakers and the use of tech to advance a feminist agenda.

“RUN” carries women’s campaigns, in Thiers’ words, “from striving to thriving.” Through consultations, door to door campaigning, and phone banking, the “RUN” team—better know as “the Boss Squad”—helps drive women candidates forward, and to the forefront.

“The purpose of Run is to build a team around a woman candidate so she succeeds,” Thiers explained to Ms. “Not every woman has a squad, and that’s why we’re here.”