Rising Together: Inside the Launch of She TV Media

When am I going to get my dream job? That was the question that echoed in our minds after we graduated from Loyola Marymount Film School—and it led us to founding She TV Media.

She TV Media is a full-service, female-owned (by us, Natalie and Meredith) video production company focused on telling untold and inspiring stories about empowered women through film. We work on all types of projects, from client-based branded commercial content to compelling documentaries and engaging narratives.

We’re working on our first big documentary series at the moment: Scars Unseen, which follows six men and women who have overcome domestic violence. (We have received Fiscal Sponsorship for this project through Film Independent and are currently crowdfunding to cover other costs.) Instead of focusing on the negative or gruesome details of their individual experience, Scars Unseen aims to highlight the moments of personal realization, triumph, courage, braver and healing that evolved out of their situation.

Too many of our family and friends have been affected by domestic violence, and often times they don’t share their story because they don’t think anyone will care. But we do. We care, and we want people to know that they are not alone.

That’s what makes She TV Media so different.

The wonderful thing about the working space we’ve created here at She TV Media is that we can work as a two-woman team…

Posted by She TV Media on Saturday, July 27, 2019

We started She TV Media just under two years ago—but we met at LMU’s Gym, where Natalie was Meredith’s Supervisor, and we’ve been working together since the Fall of 2013, when we both studied abroad in Bonn, Germany. As the people say, the rest is history. After graduation, we went our separate ways. Meredith became a writer, producer, director and on-camera host; Natalie is a cinematographer, producer and editor.

After spending our first few post-college years in the industry, working on a variety of independent and studio productions—Hard Medicine, Disjointed, School of Rock, Jane the Virgin, East Los High, just to name a few—we were both faced with that monumental career question.

Meredith came up with the answer, and pitched She TV to Natalie in January of 2018. Natalie responded with a “YES! and…” the next day, crafting strategies for involving men in the company—it was through a handful of male mentors and professors that Natalie was able to seize the incredible opportunities that have allowed her to get where she is today, so she knew they needed to be a part of the conversation.

That was the day we purchased the website domain and hoarded the social media handles (@SheTVmedia). Here’s what we’ve learned since: Individually, we are talented, creative, go-getting and persistent filmmakers—but together, we rise.


Meredith Yinger is an independent filmmaker, VO artist, host and entrepreneur. Her short film, Avo-Wiedersehen, is a Moving Pictures Festival nominee; her other works include "Hurry Up and Wait," a social justice web series, and a female empowerment documentary called “Story in Her Eyes,” following seven inspiring women's stories of love, hope and overcoming abuse.Natalie Perez is an LA-based cinematographer and filmmaker whose work includes narrative and documentary films, shorts and web series— from quirky comedies to dark thrillers, dynamic musicals to stark dramas. She is a co-producer of "Story in Her Eyes."