We Heart: What Has Trump Done for Women? Amber Ruffin Breaks It Down

On a recent episode of Late Night with Seth Meyers, Meyers—along with comedian, writer and Late Night correspondent, Amber Ruffin—discussed a recent Trump tweet regarding the 100-year anniversary of the 19th Amendment, which officially secured women’s right to vote.

In the tweet, Trump exclaims he has “done more for WOMEN than just about any President in HISTORY.”

In response, Meyers phoned Ruffin, via Zoom video call (Late Night continues to do new shows from home due to the coronavirus) to discuss one question: Has Trump really done more for women than “any American president in history”?

According to Ruffin: Yes. Trump is “correct.” She takes Trump’s words and, over a catchy soundtrack, lists all the things Trump has done for women.

When questioned by Meyers during the piece, she said:

“He didn’t say he’s done good things for women. He just said ‘no president has done more.’ And he’s right. No president has done more for women—to make our lives worse!”

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The following is a word-for-word listing of all the things Trump, as well as his administration, has done for women, as presented by Amber Ruffin:

Ruffin capped off the segment with one last thing Trump has done “for women,” which she described like the end credits of a very sad movie over her dancing and drinking a glass of (presumably) tequila:

Trump reversed a 2014 law that forced federal contractors to comply with Labor and Civil Rights Laws. Without the law, women who complain of sexual harassment or discrimination can be forced into arbitration. That means they can’t take their complaints to a public forum. Like the courts.

And S#@! like this really took some years off my life. He truly hates women in an incredible way. To willingly take away a lot of our physical and social and legal safety like this only means one thing:


The video ends with Ruffin pointing to the screen and singing “That’s what he did!”

Amber Ruffin Could Be On To Something

While Ruffin has always spoke of her distaste for Trump and his administration (like Trump’s lynching comments, or his claim that ingesting bleach can “cure the coronavirus”), support for Trump among women voters has taken a huge dip over the last three years.

The feminist factor—the proportion of voters who self-identify as feminists—is stronger than at any time in the past and is driving the gender gap to become a gulf, and some analysts say, a canyon.

And according to recent CNN exit poll data, “white women both with and without a college degree shifted 13 points in the Democratic direction from 2016-2018.”

For the entirety of his career as a businessman, an entertainer and as a politician, Trump has consistently showed his lack of care for women and their rights, safety, abilities and overall humanity.

If voting rates and turnout among women go beyond the last presidential election and are the highest ever reported—in 2008 as 65.5 percent—then the gender gap and feminist factor’s impact on the outcome of the 2020 elections will likely be even larger than in 2018 or past presidential elections.


Red Rosenberg is a former intern and current contributor at Ms.They are an autistic nonbinary lesbian. They prefer to go by they/them pronouns. They graduated from Los Angeles Pierce College in June 2020. They hold an associate of arts for transfer degree in journalism and two associates of arts degrees for arts and humanities, and social and behavioral science, respectively. They have previously worked at Pierce College's Bull Magazine and Roundup Newspaper.