Our Favorite Signs From the Women’s March for Reproductive Rights

Our Favorite Signs from the Women's March for Reproductive Rights

On Saturday, Oct. 2, tens of thousands of protesters across the U.S. gathered, rallied and marched to express their support for Roe v. Wade and their opposition to a recent onslaught of abortion restrictions.

While 2021 is the year with the most abortion restrictions enacted since Roe was decided in 1973, public outrage reached a peak on Sept. 1 when an unprecedented Texas law went into effect. Senate Bill 8, the law in question, bans abortion at just six weeks gestation and rewards $10,000 to private citizens who successfully sue anyone who helps someone get an abortion after this time period. Those who support abortion rights were also outraged by the Supreme Court’s lack of action to stop the law in question, which flies in the face of Supreme Court precedent established in Roe v. Wade. The Women’s March originally announced its return to Washington and across the nation to rally in support of reproductive rights the day after Texas’s new abortion law went into effect.

From Texas to New Jersey to California to D.C., here are some of our favorite signs, marches and protesters who showed up in 650 locations in all 50 states. They paint the picture of a multi-generational, diverse coalition dissatisfied with current anti-abortion lawmakers; anxious to codify Roe v. Wade into federal law; and fired up for next year’s midterm elections.


Washington, D.C.


A Minneapolis protester on Oct. 2. (Twitter)



Protesters at a march in Fountain Valley, Calif. (Twitter)




Protesters in Acton, Mass. (Twitter)

New Jersey

A rally in Hoboken, N.J., submitted by a Ms. reader. (Courtesy of Twitter user ConnieMilligan, @LeenerLeft)


Asheville, Tenn., on Oct. 2. (Twitter)

South Carolina

North Carolina

Downtown Durham, N.C. (Jenny Warburg)

West Virginia

A rally in Morgantown, W.V., submitted by a Ms. reader. (Courtesy of Twitter user Amanda J Ray, @AmandaRayLaw)


Delray Beach, Fla., on Oct. 2. (Twitter)
A protester in Orlando, Fla. (Twitter)

New York


Ob-gyn Dr. Jennifer Lincoln attends the Women’s March in Portland, Ore. (Instagram)

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