Today in Feminist History: Shirley Chisholm is Running for President!

January 25, 1972: What up until now has been a traditional “Old White Boys Club” of candidates seeking this year’s Presidential nomination had to make room for a Black woman member today as Representative Shirley Chisholm (D-NY), the first Black women ever elected to Congress, officially announced that she was running for the Democratic nomination for President.

Today in Feminist History: Women Want War Time Childcare

January 19, 1944: As women become an ever-greater part of America’s war effort, the need for day care centers for their children becomes even more critical—but, though the Government is calling for more day care centers, it appears that lobbying by concerned citizens must be a part of the battle to actually establish them.

Today in Feminist History: Why Suffragists are Celebrating Prohibition

January 16, 1920: Though not all suffragists are personally in favor of Prohibition, the fact that the 18th Amendment becomes effective at midnight tonight was the occasion for National Woman’s Party leaders to issue optimistic predictions today about how soon the proposed Susan B. Anthony (woman suffrage) Amendment will be ratified, and note how much faster it is progressing than its predecessor.