March Marching for Fair Food

This International Women’s Day, women harvesters of our nation’s tomato crops will be five days into a 200-mile trek across Florida that will end March 17. With its emphasis on human rights and social responsibility in the produce industry, the march is another leg of the longer journey to eradicate poverty wages, sexual harassment and […]

Men Are From Mars, Women From the University of Venus

Launched in February of this year, University of Venus is an international blog for, about and by Gen X women academics. Seeing themselves as agents of change within an academy that only partially welcomes them, these women band together virtually to share experiences, provide support and build community.  I had the opportunity to talk with […]

Vibrators: Just One Reason We Need Women in Technology

My new favorite reason for getting excited about women in technology appeared in this year’s Grammy awards “swag bag.” The OhMiBod is a wireless vibrator driven by music from your iPod or MP3 player. Its designer, self-described “gadget girl” Suki Dunham, combined her very personal experiences with sex toys and years of working for Apple […]