Madonna and You

As female pop icons go, perhaps no one has inspired the amount of written reflection, academic and personal, as Madonna Ciccone. Still to-the-minute relevant at 53, she recently starred in her own Super Bowl halftime extravaganza and will be embarking on a world tour for her latest album. And the latest addition to the what-I-think-of-Madonna […]

Wishing to Change the World for Women

Some art presentations are about viewing, but “Women Hold Up Half the Sky,” at the Skirball Cultural Center in Los Angeles through March 2012, is about doing. Developed by consulting curator Karina White in conjunction with Skirball museum director Robert Kirschner, “Sky” is centered on women’s international issues, inviting patrons to take action on them. […]

The Women of OccupyLA Speak Out About Hard Times

Democracy is not easy, says Occupy Los Angeles on its website. It requires work and dedication. Most Americans believe that America is on the wrong track, and, for the most part, our representatives have not been representing us. Dissatisfied Americans might also agree that voting is not enough action to break out of this profound […]