Young Mamas Need Support, Not Stigma

As we approach Mother’s Day (May 13), we’re inundated with celebrations of motherhood, but some kinds of mothers are not invited to the party. Hallmark cards and flower commercials rarely show queer mothers, trans mothers, stepmothers, disabled mothers or young mothers. Making matters worse, a good number of these groups are not only ignored, but actively […]

Don’t Ignore LGBTQ Immigrants’ Needs

Immigrants are often scapegoats for all kinds of societal ills: a lagging economy, dangerous reproduction, even environmental degradation. Thankfully, there is a strong and growing immigrants’ rights movement that counters these attacks and highlights the real problems: xenophobia, racism and an out-of-touch immigration policy. All too often, however, immigration is portrayed as heterosexual and male. […]

Anti-Choice Billboards Now Target Latinas

When I opened my email and saw a photo of the latest anti-choice billboard, I was angry, but I can’t say that I was surprised. I have been anticipating this day. The billboard, which reads “The most dangerous place for a Latino is in the womb,” is slated to go up in Los Angeles in […]