Keeping Score: Super Bowl Marked by Feminist Firsts; Stacey Abrams Up for Nobel Prize

In every issue of Ms., we track research on our progress in the fight for equality, catalogue can’t-miss quotes from feminist voices and keep tabs on the feminist movement’s many milestones. We’re Keeping Score online, too—in in this biweekly round-up.

This week in Keeping Score: Amanda Gorman, Sarah Thomas and Buccaneers coaches make Super Bowl history; Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez opens up about sexual assault; Stacey Abrams nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize; Gov. Cuomo repeals “walking while trans” ban; secretary Pete Buttigieg is first openly gay man confirmed by the Senate; Saudi activist Loujain al-Hathloul released from prison; Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala is first African and first woman director general of the WTO; and more!

“A Woman’s Work”: The Film the NFL Doesn’t Want You to See

Super Bowl cheerleaders are frequently forced to work long hours for no benefits and illegally low wages, while experiencing sexist discrimination.

It’s an all-too-familiar story for working women—low pay, long hours, zero benefits and near-impossible standards of sexiness and appearance not applied to male-dominated jobs. To top it all off, this particular tale also includes not just “the usual” discrimination, but outright wage theft.

The Ms. Q&A: Kathryn Bertine on Gender Equality in Cycling

In 2009, Kathryn Bertine pressed send on an email that would in many ways dictate the course of her life for years to come. In it she asked a simple question: “Why is there no women’s race in the Tour de France?”

Ms. sat down with Bertine on Zoom to talk about vulnerability, picking yourself up, and when we might finally see a women’s Tour de France.

College Students Are Filing Record Number of Lawsuits to Fight Sex Discrimination in Athletics

With knowledge of the facts and the law, students are now stepping up to fight for equality by filing Title lawsuits.

“People talk about ‘Title IX compliance.’ We have got to move away from that language because it doesn’t represent the harm that is being done to girls and women. Instead, call it what it is; athletic departments are engaged in institutionalized, intentional sex discrimination.”