Waking the Witch: The Feminist History of Spiritualism

In 1848, the adolescent sisters Kate and Margaret Fox of Hydesville, New York, made quite a commotion when they told people of the strange rapping sounds they heard throughout their house. In the ensuing months, they began to communicate with “Mr. Splitfoot,” the devilish name they gave to the spirit that they said was the source of the knocking.

11 Feminist Halloween Costumes Ideas from Ms. Readers

We have the best readers. Seriously—you’re unbeatable. A few weeks ago, we shared this piece on rad feminist Halloween costumes for kids, then you got inspired and shared your incredible costumes with us in return! Take a look at some of our favorites below. We hope you had a happy—and feminist!—Halloween. Amelia Earhart Rosie the Riveter […]