When You’re Homeless and Menstruating

The following is a reprint from the latest issue of Ms. To get the entire magazine in your mailbox or inbox, subscribe now! When you think of survival items a homeless person may need, menstrual- hygiene products probably don’t immediately come to mind. The reality is that pads, tampons and liners often aren’t readily available to women […]

Homelessness Creeps Up on Working Americans

Many cities will begin the New Year with a sad resolution: to make sure the number of homeless families doesn’t grow as much as it did the year before. A new survey of homelessness covering 27 cities, published by the U.S. Conference of Mayors, sheds light on the epidemic. A rise in family homelessness in many […]

A Tale of Three Cities

As assistant director of a soup kitchen in Gulfport, Miss., Lynda Favre has helped serve thousands of meals to people. She has also had to turn away people begging her for a place to spend the night. “I saw so many young people—19, 20 years old—come to that door looking for a place to stay […]

For Women Veterans, the Battle Continues

Today, Veteran’s Day, we Americans will pause for moments of silence, listen to bells tolling and guns firing and remember the deaths of thousands of our troops in Iraq and Afghanistan (let alone wars of the more distant past). It’s a day of meditation and sadness–but it must also be a day for feminism and […]