Thank You, Rush Limbaugh, For My Feminism

Rush Limbaugh made it clear: Women who desire power and self-determination weren’t real women at all.

Luckily, most of the values I learned—hard-work, guts, grit and kindness—far outweigh Rush Limbaugh’s disturbing messaging about how to be a woman in rural America, but it was a deep sexism that fueled the birth of my feminism.

It’s Time to #FlushRushNow — Once and For All!

Conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh reached new levels of woman-hating on Monday when he declared that “‘No’ means ‘yes’ if you know how to spot it.” Yes, you read that right. Limbaugh, in mocking Ohio State University’s proposed new definition of sexual consent (which requires both parties to consent every step of the way and discuss […]

Rush Limbaugh Thinks Workplace Sexism is a Myth

The White House hosted a Summit on Working Families this week to discuss making the American workplace more family-friendly. Apparently, this was unacceptable to Rush Limbaugh. Particularly objectionable to him was the segment on women in the workforce. According to Limbaugh, sexism is a thing of the past—a long-defunct relic of the Mad Men era. […]

Politicians Say the Darndest Things

In the past several months, a myriad of public figures have made ridiculous (ignorant, offensive) comments about women and their bodies. We’ve put together a slideshow highlighting the most absurd quotes, following them with factchecking and some mea culpas from the foot-in-mouthers. Let us know if we’ve missed any!   [prezi id=’’]   Photo of […]

UPS Ships Off Rush Limbaugh

Much of the uproar over notorious misogynist Rush Limbaugh has died down since his personal attack on Sandra Fluke during several of his radio shows last February and early March. But high-profile advertisers continue to ditch the disc jockey. UPS is the latest company to pull its advertisements from the program. On July 3, the […]

Rush Limbaugh Adds Catholic Nuns to “Feminazi” List

Who isn’t a raging “feminazi” to notorious misogynist Rush Limbaugh? During his June 13 show, the right-wing political “entertainer” griped about how Catholic nuns and the reaction engendered by the Vatican’s recent “doctrinal assessment” of their leadership conference (in other words, its attack on them)—including Nun Justice rallies, a petition and an upcoming nine-state […]

Rush Limbaugh: The Descent of (One) Man

Feminist victories continue to pile up in the wake of Rush Limbaugh’s attack on Sandra Fluke, the Georgetown law student who testified in favor of the Affordable Health Care Act’s contraceptive coverage regulation and was subsequently labeled a slut and a prostitute by the broadcaster. The social media response was immense: the #FlushRushNow campaign on Twitter, […]

Should We Ban “Slut” and “Ho” From the Lexicon?

I must commend Sandra Fluke, like so many others have already done, for rightly condemning “shock jock” Rush Limbaugh’s efforts in silencing women who dare to speak publicly about sexual politics by calling them “sluts.” The furor over Limbaugh’s slut-shaming tactics, however, seems to underlie a different anxiety that is more than just outrage over […]