From the Stacks: Wife’s Car

Check out this clip from a Lansing, Michigan newspaper, reprinted in the No Comment section of the May 1973 issue of Ms.

How demeaning of this guy! “Hey, that’s my wife’s car. I definitely did NOT drive into a snow drift.” Yeah, sure.


  1. On a scale of one to ten, how pathetic and childish is it to:

    go out in the snow, write something petty in obnoxiously huge letters on the back of your “wife’s car,” then go get your camera, take a photo, hurry up and develop it, and quickly send/bring it in to the local newspaper in hopes that they’ll print it while the fact that there was a lot of snow in Michigan is still newsworthy, so that everyone in town will get to see your hilarious prank?

    I’m gonna say at least 8.

    Apparently in 1973 it was normal for husbands to be so juvenile. Thank God for feminism!!

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