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For those of us already upset by the media’s hypersexualization of women, the  sexualization of little girls can really throw us into a tizzy. So you can imagine how feminists felt about the “Baby Gaga” video that has been making the virtual rounds, garnering over 30,000 hits on YouTube and a Balloon-Boy-like combination of fascination, pity, and horror from the blogosphere. In case you missed the video:

Baby Gaga appears in handcuffs and re-enacts a death scene at the video’s close, transforming Gaga’s decidedly adult commentary on race, gender, and sexuality into near-child pornography. It’s bad news, for Lady Gaga, for girls pressured to be “sexy” at age 4, and for the unsuspecting babies who could be bullied into re-making Alejandro, complete with fishnets and chains.

The video’s makers can be contacted at Take your pick of addressees: There’s director Jake Wilson, costumer David Withrow, choreographer Laurie Ann Gibson, or “Baby Gaga”‘s consenting parents, Heidi and Jeff Ladrow.


  1. oh my, it could have been more horrible; at least the poor baby got to keep her clothes on.

  2. This is gross. I got to about the :30 second mark and couldn’t watch anymore. How the hell do parents exploit their children like this? It’s not cute and it’s just plain creepy.

  3. I am sorry, I have watched this video 3 different times very closely, and I simply don’t see it as a thing to backlash against Let me take a moment to say YES, this video DOES leave a very bad taste in my month and the shape pain in my gut, but it isn’t because it is “like” childporn, but because if a child is put into a Lady Gaga “video” we are all offend.

    But what exactualy are we offended at? That some of us might feel it “mirrors” child porn, or that we can truly see that this “video” (Lady Gaga’s or Baby Gaga’s) is completely ubsurd, demeaning, and a confines women (young girls to teenage role models) to a hypersexualized state.

    The majority of people don’t even think twice about Lady Gaga (a young, beautiful woman) being hypersexualized in the eyes of the media, but put someone else in for her (a 4yr old girl in this case) and now we have warfare. How is that fair?

    Talk to me all that you want about the purity myth but you can’t have it both ways. That it is fabulous and feminist for a woman the teenagers idolize to act out her (sometimes God given right) to be whorish but at what age limit to we say that women/girls aren’t suppose to do that? (This is a ridiculous point in this conversation and you might hate me right now, but hear me out.)

    We can all see that this video is VERY wrong in some way, but there is a lot to consider first; like, who wanted to make this video? What weret hey intentions by making and boardcasting this video? If for the “producers” it was simply to make sell the idea of child porn, yes, PLEASE lets go burn them at the stake, but if they really just loved Lady Gaga and thought it was cute to see their daughter (assumed???) act out the video, what are we shouting about?

    1) the 4 year was wear a lot more clothes during almost all of the video than Lady Gag’s shoulders wear at times. 2) If this was really about child porn, why didn’t the “director” follow the Lady Gaga “script” scene for scene. then we could have seen , super sexy showing-almost-everything clothes, the 4 yr old being violently undressed by to other female 4 years, shocking language, and a make out scene between two 4 year olds and that would have only seen in the first 2 minutes of a 9+ minute video.

    I think that this Baby Gaga, video is disgusting but not in a child porn way but in a maybe-Lady-Gaga-videos-really-only-showcase-the-media-made-ideal-of-female-sexuality. I hate that it had to take the expense of a 4 year old to wake us all up. Maybe Lady Gaga is a Feminist to idolize, maybe she has just found it easier to play into the male cultures hypersexualized ideals of women and that is sad but true and now it is rubbing off on our four year olds never the less.

    (and if this clip had followed the real video even remotely close to the actual Lady Gaga video, there would be NOT WAY that it would have ever aired on youtube.)

  4. The make up they put the child in is super creepy and she looks like she’s not having any fun at all…but it’s not child porn. To compare it to child porn is to cheapen the label of something horrific. You’re hyperbole ruins life for the rest of us. Stop it.


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