Walk for Choice This Saturday

Had enough of the Republican Party’s unnatural interest in women’s wombs? Tired of their high-handed attempts to shove their beliefs down our throats? Fed up with their desire to elevate fetal rights over women’s rights?

Don your hat, gloves, scarves and warm coat–it’s time to Walk for Choice, this Saturday, February 26, from 12-3 p.m.

If you’ve been a pro-choice activist for eons and are just getting wind of this, don’t feel bad: The action was conceived just a month ago, but has snowballed thanks to the power of Internet activism. Raven Geary, a Chicago-based pro-choice activist, was outraged by HR 3, the “No Taxpayer Funding for Abortion Act, and wrote a blog post hoping to rally supporters for a Chicago protest. “Then people kept messaging me and saying they wanted to plan one for their city,” says Geary. Before long, walks and rallies were being planned all over the country.

You can find out here if your city is participating. And it’s not to late to start your own.

We need to let our elected representatives know that we won’t go back. It’s time for us to turn our outrage into action. Walk for Choice this Saturday.

As I was writing this, I received notice that MoveOn.org is planning a Rally to Save the American Dream, in support of Wisconsin workers at noon on Saturday–exactly the same time as the Walk for Choice. How unfortunate! How are we supposed to choose between supporting women’s reproductive rights and workers’ rights (many of whom are women).

I guess I’ll have to try to make it to both. You should, too.

Image via Walk for Choice.


  1. I will walk for choice; Did MoveOn.Org plan their rally before the Walk for Choice? I have been signing petitions and voicing my suport for union workers. Perhaps I shouldn't say this, but I believe MoveOn is led by mostly men.

    • I don't know who's leading moveon but I understand they're going to delay a couple of their rallies to accommodate the Walk for Choice is some areas. In LA, the two events are close enough that we can support both causes.

  2. I'm pretty sure the Walk for Choice was planned first. At the very least, it was announced first. The rally has only been publicized for a day or two. I don't understand why Moveon.org would choose the exact same hours as the Walk for Choice. I wish the rally in my area would be delayed. I'd like to support both causes, but I'm already committed to the Walk for Choice.

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