No Comment: “Use Your Natural Charm”

In three new ads featuring model Gisele Bündchen, Brazilian lingerie company Hope urges women to take off their clothes before breaking “bad” news to their male partners.

The ads rely on the old saw that sex sells, but we’re willing to let that slide–after all, it’s lingerie. But these ads don’t sell lingerie with the promise of intimacy or pleasure or love; they sell it as a way of getting away with being “bad.” Specifically, with maxing out your boyfriend’s credit card or crashing his car.

There are so many things wrong with that. First, the dual sexist stereotypes that women are frivolous overspenders and bad drivers. Second, the implication that women are dependent on their male sex partners (it’s his car and his credit card). Third, the idea that sex is a bargaining chip–that women should trade on their looks to get out of financial mishaps.

As Copyranter noted, “Gisele Bündchen kills feminism dead [with these] ads.”

What do you think?

The other two ads can be viewed here and here.

TOP: Screenshots of Hope lingerie advertisement.


  1. Jennifer Moule says:

    I don’t think it’s fair to say “Gisele kills feminism dead with these ads”. We can’t let individual celebrities be scapegoats under the guise of role modelling. Isn’t she the epitome of someone who has learned their whole life that sex and looks are a bargaining chip?

  2. I agree with the way it stereotypes women. I would also like to point out that this commercial fulfills a male stereotype, saying they’re willing to overlook things for sex (such as cops and speeding tickets or other authoritative figures). It’s kind of just saying to use what you’ve got. It isn’t a woman’s fault if a man is willing to be stomped on in exchange for some sex. It’s give and take. Of course I’m not speaking of mutually respectful and loving relationships, which the models relationship is obviously not.

  3. Yeah, this is a moronic ad. That said, we should all be focused on Troy Davis right now. Feminism and anti-racism go hand in hand, and this isn’t the battle to fight at the moment.

  4. Fourth – that (hetero) men are goddamn APES who have no actual thought process beyond “boobs! Boobs good!”

    And yet it’s feminists who are accused of misandry.

  5. That is total crap! What is it supposed to mean? I crashed your car, so take it out upon me sexually? F*ck that. Yo fool, I crashed my own car that I paid for myself, why the hell would I need to be driving yours in the first place? It is 2011, no woman needs to borrow a man’s car. She can easily purchase her own, or walk or ride a bus… screw the misogynist minority! WOMEN RULE! So, TAKE CHARGE!!!! DO your thing. Have a man as a side dish, if you want one.

  6. “First, the dual sexist stereotypes that women are frivolous overspenders and bad drivers.”

    it just says, that you can get away with it, if you are. Not that all women are something

    “Second, the implication that women are dependent on their male sex partners (it’s his car and his credit card).”

    So women do not depent on mam anymore? Feminism has reached its goals? Good to hear.

    “Third, the idea that sex is a bargaining chip”

    ir isn´t? sound a little bit naive to me

    “that women should trade on their looks to get out of financial mishaps.”

    maybe they shouldn´t. But the ad is about you being able to do it.

  7. Let’s remember that this is a Brazilian ad…and this sort of thing is common if not encouraged in Latin America. Overtly sexual manners of dress and presentation are pretty commonplace in Brazil. It sucks yes, but women DO use their sexuality WAY more up front than modern North American women or other Western European counterparts. And they probably ARE using his car and credit card and taking him for a ride because they’re hot and he’s lead around by his short hairs…However, when Gisele is strutting the runway for Victoria’s Secret, the message is the same, and men look at her the same but in the US, we’ve learned how to not SAY it. We’re just passive aggressively misogynistic. So don’t kill the model messenger, Gisele isn’t writing govt policy, she’s an underwear model. That’s her job. She doesn’t have to stand up for the bad mojo of the ad. The art director and the agency and the company heads who conjured up this ad…wellllllll that’s a different story.

  8. It is Brazil….but it’s still no excuse.

  9. Tracey Asker says:

    Instead of “going-90s” and getting all “offended”, why not just watch this ad and LAUGH! I think that’s the response that it is looking for. my boyfriend and I have been watching these all night and they are HILARIOUS! Not everything is a “gender-issue”, thats very 90’s to think that way

    • Allison says:

      If you actually believe that the gender issues are not seriously present today, you are blind. This is merely one example in millions of the stereotypes that exist surrounding women. It is not funny. Maybe if we still did not live in a society where women are treated like second class citizens and men are forced into the box that we call masculinity, this could be slightly entertaining, but even then that would be unlikely. You wouldn’t joke about racist stereotypes in this way, so why is it ok to joke about women, whose oppression is not limited by the bounds of race, sexuality, or religion? We live in a culture that promotes submissive women who are virginal temptresses and aggressive men who must dominate them. Gender discrimination did not end when the 90s did.

  10. Great ad. Funny. Take a deep breath and relax. Men can be bad drivers and sometimes guilty of over-spending community funds. If I rack up my car, you don’t think there’s going to be Hell to pay? My body’s in pretty good shape, I might use that tactic to paper over the next jam I get in with my wife.

    It’s not as if “the promise of intimacy or pleasure or love” is why lingerie is purchased, anyway. It’s the wildly dancing cape used to attract and taunt the bull in the arena. (Nothing like a blood sport metaphor to upset the easily-upsettable) It’s to provoke, promote and enhance sex. So you’re saying you have a problem with using sex to sell sex? That’s just goofy.

    BTW, am I missing something? Are boobs bad now? Really wasn’t looking at her boobs. That’s an oppressive stereotype men are sadly saddled with. Aaaargh!!! When will it end?!

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