NEWSFLASH: Mississippi’s Only Abortion Clinic Gets a Reprieve


The last abortion clinic in Mississippi, Jackson Women’s Health Organization, has won a temporary injunction against the enforcement of a 2012 state law that would have required it to shut down. Yesterday, U.S. District Judge Daniel P. Jordan III blocked the state from closing the clinic as it attempts to comply with a TRAP law […]

Paid Sick Days for NYC Workers! (But Philly Workers Have to Wait)


Thousands of companies in New York City will now be required to provide paid sick days for employees, thanks to a legislative compromise cobbled together between labor unions and the city council. The deal was partially made possible from a caving-in of City Council speaker, Christine Quinn, who was the leading opponent of paid sick […]

April 9 Is Equal Pay Day!


Despite women being a formidable voting bloc in the 2012 presidential election, pay equity policies have yet to reflect the influence women have gained. Today, women earn just under 80 cents on the dollar when compared to men, a gap that eventually causes a loss of about $380,000 over a woman’s career. This year’s upcoming […]

Pediatricians Say: Marriage Equality Helps Children

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As the Supreme Court takes up the same-sex marriage battle, more and more people and organizations are jumping on the equality bandwagon. Not only have amicus briefs been filed by a wide range of groups, but public figures such as Hillary Clinton have recently come out in support of marriage equality. And now we are […]

We Heart: Said To Lady Journos Tumblr

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As a lady journo myself, I’ve experienced my fair share of sexist, ignorant remarks when I was out reporting. “They let you carry around that big Nikon?” “You sure you should be out here by yourself?” When a social justice project took me to different communities in South Los Angeles for on-the-street interviews, I was […]

Obama Appoints First Woman Director of the Secret Service


The cinematic image of a Secret Service agent is a cheerless man of stocky build with thick sunglasses, whispering brusquely into his sleeve. He’s part of a traditionally imagined boy’s club, a masculine space where women are invisible. But in a historic move that may help disrupt the macho image and ethos that surrounds the […]

North Dakota Passes Arkansas as Worst State for Abortion Rights


This morning, North Dakota’s Republican Gov. Jack Dalrymple signed into law three bills that will push the state past Arkansas in terms of having the country’s strictest abortion bans. The first measure he signed would ban abortion at the point that a “fetal heartbeat” can be detected (about six weeks). A second measure makes North […]

NEWSFLASH: North Dakota Lawmakers Pass Personhood Measure


North Dakota’s state insect is the lady bug, but right now the state is just bugging ladies (let alone everyone who cares about women’s rights). On Friday, North Dakota’s legislature approved a measure that would define life as starting at conception, giving personhood to fertilized eggs in the state Constitution. It’s  the first time a […]

Arkansas Adopts Nation’s Strictest Abortion Ban (With North Dakota Not Far Behind)


Arkansas has swiftly become a new battlefront of reproductive rights, with the most restrictive abortion ban in the nation. State lawmakers voted last week to override Governor Mike Beebe’s veto of a 12-week abortion ban, meaning it will go into effect this spring. This new law directly contradicts Roe v. Wade, the 1973 Supreme Court […]

Portland Becomes Fourth City to Mandate Paid Sick Leave


Portland, OR, joined a small but growing club of progressive cities who are mandating paid sick leave for employees when its city council unanimously passed an Earned Sick Time policy last week. The new law will allow more than 120,000 workers to earn up to five sick days a year, giving employees one hour of […]