The Ms. Q&A: Meagan Hooper Wants to Connect Women to Mentors—and Help Them bSmart

After a decade in a male-dominated industry, Meagan Hooper built bSmart, a platform for women to find mentors and build community as they launch their own projects.

Facebook Still Has Far to Go

Facebook suspended the account of Iljeoma Oluo, Editor-at-Large of The Establishment, after she shared screenshots of the hateful messages she was receiving on the platform—but did not take action against her harassers.

Lawmakers in the House Are Trying to Defund an Obama-Era Equal Pay Initiative

Just one week before Black Women’s Equal Pay Day, the U.S. House Appropriations Committee approved a budget amendment defunding an Obama-era initiative to decrease wage disparities.

Wisconsin Lawmakers Want to Stop Medical Students from Learning How to Perform Abortions

In a state that already faces a serious shortage of OB-GYNs, Republican lawmakers in Wisconsin are pushing a bill that would prohibit faculty at the University of Wisconsin-Madison from training medical residents on how to perform abortions.

Women Are Banned From Visiting This UNESCO World Heritage Site

A Japanese island where women are banned from stepping foot has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Saudi Women and Girls Can Now Play Sports in Public Schools

Saudi Arabia has lifted its ban on sports for women and girls in public schools, increasing important access to physical activity in a country with stringent limitations placed on women.

Columbia University Settles with Alleged Rapist at Center of Emma Sulkowicz’s #CarryThatWeight Protest Piece

Columbia University has reached a settlement with former student Paul Nungesser following the aftermath of a sexual assault case that brought Columbia to the forefront of a national conversation about rape on college campuses.

Republican Men Want GOP Women Opposing Trumpcare “Vacuumed Out” of Congress and Dealt With “Aaron Burr-Style”

Sen. Blake Farenthold finds GOP women uncertain about Trumpcare “repugnant” and wants to challenge them to a duel. Former Gov. Mike Huckabee wants them “vacuumed out” of office. Online, the women of the GOP are called “witches” and “feminazis” and told they shouldn’t be allowed to hold public office.

Q&A: Margaret Cho on Comedy, Feminism and Identity

“To be able to be a perpetual witness to the constant struggle of equality is really a beautiful thing. I love that.”

A Woman Was Arrested in Saudi Arabia Because of What She Was Wearing

A woman was arrested in Saudi Arabia earlier this week for wearing a skirt and crop top with uncovered hair.

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