Recognizing the Real Legacy of Dr. James Marion Sims

A statue honoring Dr. James Marion Sims has been removed from Central Park—but the enduring effects of his grotesque experiments on enslaved women continue to imperil black women’s lives.

Walking “20 Weeks” in Her Shoes

Leena Pendharkar’s film 20 Weeks allows viewers to walk in the shoes of a couple making a major decision around pregnancy and abortion—flipping the script to let the personal drive the political.

Capturing the Flag: The New Documentary Calling on Activists to Defend Democracy

America’s voter protection workers are volunteers who work to ensure that anyone eligible to vote is able to do just that. A new documentary tells their stories at a pivotal time—and reminds us how important it is to fiercely defend our democracy.

Childcare Workers are Striking for Economic and Gender Justice in Australia

Late last week, hundreds of childcare centers across Australia shut their doors in order for their workers, historically underpaid and widely under-appreciated, to walk off the job as part of a national strike for higher wages.

The Supreme Court Should #EndTheLies

The Supreme Court began hearing oral arguments this month in a case which could determine the future of fake clinics and their ability to spread misinformation to patients nationwide. In response, hundreds of activists gathered in D.C. to demand that so-called Crisis Pregnancy Centers #EndTheLies.

French Lawmakers Want to Fine Sexist Catcallers and Internet Trolls

Legislators in France have announced a number of new measures fit for the #MeToo moment—including a bill that grants on-the-spot fines for sexual harassment on the street and in public spaces.

Connecting Rural and Urban Women’s Struggles for International Women’s Day

UN Women’s theme for their International Women’s Day commemoration this year echoed the sentiments of solidarity that have always made for effective feminism.

The West Virginia Teachers Strike is Over—And the Teachers Won

Nine days after 19,488 teachers walked out of their classrooms to strike for better pay, West Virginia Governor James Justice approved legislation giving all state employees a five percent raise.

Let Them Ride Trucks

Amy Shuler Goodwin just wanted to ride on a trash truck as part of her mayoral campaign. But the current Charleston mayor didn’t seem to think a female candidate could make it work.

Speaking Out for Jane Doe (And Signing Pink Slips for Scott Lloyd)

Storytellers at the 1 in 3 Campaign’s fourth annual abortion speakout on Capitol Hill came together to smash stigma, stymie shame and declare solidarity with the undocumented minors fighting for their right to abortion access under the Trump administration.

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