Killing Haiti With Kindness

It’s called Killing With Kindness: Haiti, International Aid and NGOs (Rutgers University Press), but anthropologist Mark Schuller’s ethnographic study of foreign aid in Haiti before and after a magnitude 7.0 earthquake struck in 2010 depicts something closer to killing with disregard. Schuller’s book is primarily set between 2003 and 2005, around the time when a coup […]

The Anti-Abortion Game of Life

To bring down the high chlamydia infections rate among Tennessee teenagers, an anti-abortion pregnancy center in Athens, Tenn., has proposed spending federal tax dollars on a life-sized version of the Game of Life. The “Teen Life Maze” is just one of the ideas put forth by a cluster of crisis pregnancy centers that are receiving government […]

Steered Wrong By Googling “Abortion Services”? It’s No Accident

In the seemingly endless war over abortion rights in America, battles are waged in legislatures, in courts and, most recently, on the Internet. The strategy of using abortion-related keywords to send a woman searching the web for abortion information to a nearby crisis pregnancy center is already a few years old. But the scheme only […]

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