How Empowering Women and Girls Can Help Stop Global Warming

“Securing the rights of women and girls can have a positive impact on the atmosphere, comparable to that of wind turbines and solar panels and forests.” I talked to author and expert Katharine Wilkinson about the key ways that empowering women and girls can help stop global warming.

Called to Account: Inside the Feminist Fight to End Clergy Sex Abuse

In 2018, revelations about the Catholic hierarchy’s cover-up of clergy sex abuse came too fast and too often for church leaders to contain. To fully understand this crisis, it is crucial to recognize that it is taking place in a church where women remain locked out of the governing structure, without voice, vote or power.

Do Quotas Actually Help Women in Politics?

The scholarly evidence is overwhelming clear: Electoral quotas are important to increasing women’s representation in politics. But we’re still seeking more answers to questions about their finer details.

What Women Want in Kigali (and Beyond)

Hundreds of women and girls visited the What Women Want booth at the 2018 International Conference on Family Planning to make demands for expanding and improving family planning around the world. 

How Polish Women are Pushing Back on Anti-Abortion Policies

Polish politicians and the Catholic church claim that an abortion ban would protect “unborn life,” but women’s lives seem to be of no concern to them.

Feminists in India Built a “Women’s Wall” to Fight Patriarchy

Women in India kicked off the new year with a call for equality, coming together to stand arm-in-arm as part of a historic protest.

What Comes After Imelda: Fighting for Reproductive Justice in El Salvador

A historic decision in December allowed Imelda Cortez to walk free, absolved of all charges, after 19 months in prison—and marked a milestone in the fight to end El Salvador’s cruel, draconian ban on abortion.

Unpacking the Emotional Labor of Immigrant Women

The war on immigrant women is not a fight for integration—it’s a battle for exclusion and dominance. Nevertheless, however, immigrant women persist.

Telling Her Story to Change History

Learning English and adjusting to life in America wasn’t easy—but the hardest part for Puja Mapchen was feeling like she wasn’t supposed to talk about her life growing up in a refugee camp.

Toward a Better Biblical Understand of Gender, Sex and Patriarchy

“The Church of England welcomes and encourages the unconditional affirmation of trans people,” declares new guidance for Anglican clergy, “equally with all people, within the body of Christ, and rejoices in the diversity of that body into which all Christians have been baptised by one Spirit.”

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