Could Women’s Economic Empowerment Worldwide Actually Win in Washington?

New legislation in the House signals that Congress may finally be catching on—and recognizing that investing in women’s economic growth can multiply impacts throughout entire communities and societies.

Inside Argentina’s Revolution of the Daughters

“The square was physically divided in two sides,” she recalls. On the right, a tide of green handkerchiefs had formed by those in favor of decriminalizing abortion; on the left, their opponents wore blue scarves.

The Climate Scientist’s Wife

“I met my second husband, Clyde, because of the three-day rain.”

WATCH: A Message from Our Syrian Sisters

In a powerful video, four Syrian peace-builders share a single message to the world: Syrian women have ambitions and capacities to make change.

Gearing up for Revolution in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia’s ban on women driving will finally be lifted later this month—and one woman is already showing them the rules of the road.

This Week in Women: Unpacking the Trump Administration’s Shameful Immigration Policies

Attorney General Jeff Sessions and his mostly-male team characterized domestic violence as a “private” problem this week when reversing a policy that allowed DV survivors to seek asylum in the U.S. This matters.

The Roving Paleontologist

“We started in the Gobi Dessert with a traveling trunk. Inside the trunk we had dinosaurs—fossils and tools for paleontology. We reached out to nomadic kids in small towns. They looked inside our trunk. It was their first time seeing a dinosaur.”

Peace Heroes: How Psychologist Fatima Akilu Rehabilitated Nigeria’s Extremists

In 2012, Dr. Fatima Akilu was appointed to run Nigeria’s first official counter-extremism program in the wake of Boko Haram’s grip on the nation—and integrated de-radicalization and prevention programs across the prison and education systems.

This Week in Women: The Fight Against Sexism in Politics Worldwide Goes On

Women in the U.S. and around the world are shaking up the political system—but institutional sexism still persists.

What the G7 and G20 Summits Could Mean for Feminist Foreign Policy Worldwide

There’s a real opportunity for G7 and G20 countries to drive the feminist agenda forward this year—but first, they must unify.

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