The Men Are Not Alright

The problem is not mental illness. The problem is not violent video games. The problem is a social pathology of aggrieved entitlement and misogyny mixed with white supremacy, aided and abetted by 8Chan and Fox News and Donald Trump and corrupted lawmakers.

Radical Romance: Examining Our Disruptive Affection for AOC

I felt a heart-warming spark of hope as I stamped my frozen feet this January in New York City, awaiting my beloved Ocasio Cortez at the 2019 Women’s March. Maybe we have finally wiped the fairy dust out of our eyes. Maybe we have started building a future that is not about our own individual love stories, but our love for humanity and our love for the Earth.

Gender Studies Will Destroy (Save) the World!

The global rise of highly masculinist and misogynist—not to mention homophobic, white supremacist and just plain scary—regimes has granted gender studies a lot of attention. And boy, oh boy, do all the misogynists have their knickers in a twist.