No Comment: Baby Gaga

For those of us already upset by the media’s hypersexualization of women, the  sexualization of little girls can really throw us into a tizzy. So you can imagine how feminists felt about the “Baby Gaga” video that has been making the virtual rounds, garnering over 30,000 hits on YouTube and a Balloon-Boy-like combination of fascination, pity, and horror from the blogosphere. In case you missed the video:

Baby Gaga appears in handcuffs and re-enacts a death scene at the video’s close, transforming Gaga’s decidedly adult commentary on race, gender, and sexuality into near-child pornography. It’s bad news, for Lady Gaga, for girls pressured to be “sexy” at age 4, and for the unsuspecting babies who could be bullied into re-making Alejandro, complete with fishnets and chains.

The video’s makers can be contacted at Take your pick of addressees: There’s director Jake Wilson, costumer David Withrow, choreographer Laurie Ann Gibson, or “Baby Gaga”‘s consenting parents, Heidi and Jeff Ladrow.


Anna Kelner graduated from Columbia with a major in English and a special concentration in Medieval and Renaissance Studies in 2012. She was an editorial intern at Ms. in 2010, and is now a writer and editor based in Los Angeles.