Think You Know Your Herstory?

Before Women’s History Month, there was the first Summer Institute for Women’s History. Today marks the 31st anniversary of academics and organizers collaborating to reserve a place for women in the history books. They spent weeks drafting a plan to draw national attention to herstory, and even longer trying obtain government recognition on the local, state and federal levels. Winning Women’s History Week in 1980, this was celebrated until Congress approved Women’s History month in 1987. Now that you know the basics, take a minute and test your knowledge about the history of women’s history![QUIZZIN 3]

Photo from Picasa Web user Wendy Kernan at Creative Commons 3.0


Kate Noftsinger is currently an intern for Ms. Magazine, making the move from the Heartland to LA. She is a Journalism major and a Women’s Studies minor at Bowling Green State University where she writes a weekly column for the BG News. She’s a Pisces. And a Feminist.