A Name for Men Who Buy Girls for Sex

We asked What Should We Call Men Who Buy Young Girls for Sex? and you answered. Pedo-pimp, you suggested. Sleaze-bag. Childhood-stealer.

Words are powerful. Many of you noted that naming these men is important, yet challenging. How can we get across that these deeds are despicable? How can we find a coinage that’s memorable, shaming and weighty?

Below is a wordcloud with your suggestions thus far. The larger the font size, the more votes.

Particularly enjoying one? Think you have a term that’s more descriptive? More inclusive? Let us know by commenting on Carrie Baker’s original post, or by leaving a comment below!

And feel free to copy and repost this image (all we ask is a link back!)


I am in my final year of undergrad at Michigan State University studying Communication. I volunteer with our campus Sexual Assault Program (SACI), which provides medical and judicial advocacy for the greater Lansing area. I am currently a summer Research Intern for Ms. Magazine, and a raving fan of equality.