SlutWalks, IUDs and What Trans People Want: Editors’ Picks: 5/8-5/14

At the ITT List, Lindsay Beyerstein thinks that anti-porn feminist Gail Dines’ critiques of SlutWalk marches completely miss the point.

The Peace Corps volunteer rape scandal continues to make headlines. At RH Reality Check, a Peace Corps volunteer says she became pregnant after a Peace Corps employee raped her, only to be told by Peace Corps officials: Get an abortion or quit the organization. The ACLU explains how U.S. policy makes a bad situation worse.

“Thanks, white dude, for your insightful commentary on black women and abortion.” Kaitlyn at the Abortion Gang takes on the Chicago Tribune.

The Nation reports on an unorthodox offer a U.S. non-profit is making to Kenyan women living with HIV: Join a cohort of 10-15 other HIV-positive women, come up with a viable small business plan, receive an intrauterine device (IUD) to serve as long-term birth control and in return, you will be paid $40. Needless to say, this is a controversial plan. Anna Clark expounds on the many issues it brings up.

This week, the DC Trans Coalition released a list of priorities for achieving trans equality in D.C. So what do trans people want? Amanda Hess has the full list at TBD.

From Jezebel: One third of clothing for girls is “sexy.”

Finally, Kate Swift, a crusader for non-sexist language who wrote for the inaugural issue of Ms., died this week at 87. The New York Times reports on her life and death.

Above: SlutWalk Toronto, courtesy of Flickr user troismarteaux under CC 2.0


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