Avril Haines to Become First Woman Director of National Intelligence: “I Have Never Shied Away From Speaking Truth To Power”

Avril Haines, the next director of national intelligence, used her acceptance speech to emphasize the public service component of her position—and throw shade on her predecessors who continue to deny that Trump lost the election.

“You know that I have never shied away from speaking truth to power. And that will be my charge as director of national intelligence.”

The Ms. Q&A: Valerie Hudson on Placing Women’s Rights at the Core of Foreign Policy

“Human history has been driven by the male drive for physical security.”

Ms. had the chance to speak with Valerie Hudson, director of the Program on Women, Peace and Security at Texas A&M University. In the new book The First Political Order, which she coauthored, Hudson makes a compelling argument for placing women’s rights and representation at the core of foreign policy and national security—because what happens to half the population is obviously going to affect the health, the wealth and the security of a nation.