Quiz: Is The Huffington Post the New Maxim?

When I saw that The Huffington Post and AOL had completed a $315 million merger earlier this year, I groaned. I was used to seeing questionable headlines on the old AOL home page, and I could only guess what would the merger would do to the Huffington Post’s integrity.

Sure enough, the HuffPost–once my progressive news mecca–has changed. Its headlines are more and more tabloid-worthy, and it increasingly courts traffic with sexism and skin.

Don’t believe me? Take this quiz and see if you can guess the origins of these headlines: Huffington Post, Maxim or Cosmo?

Huffington Post, Maxim or Cosmo?



It’s not just headlines, either. This awesome video by Feminist Frequency shows how The Huffington Post uses women’s bodies as click bait.


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