Don’t Ms.: Black Lesbian Poets, Ada Lovelace Day and Much More!

Los Angeles: UCLA’s Department of Women’s Studies is hosting Joan Roughgarden’s talk, “Evolution of Social Behavior: Not the 1970s Anymore.” Hear the Stanford University professor and author of Evolution’s Rainbow: Diversity, Gender and Sexuality in Nature and in People as she discusses the way evolutionary principles shape family life and cooperation in the 21st century. Wednesday, Oct. 5, 4-6 p.m., University of California, Los Angeles, Royce Hall 314, 340 Royce Drive, Los Angeles, CA.

New York: The Red Fern Theatre Company (RFTC) will be performing Jon Kern‘s We in Silence Hear a Whisper, the harrowing story of a young refugee woman from Darfur who is being chased through Sudan. For this production RFTC is partnering with the Save Darfur Coalition and donating a portion of the proceeds to their efforts to enact social change throughout Sudan. Catch previews on Wednesday, Oct. 5 and 6! Show runs Oct. 8 – 23, The 14th Street Y, New York City. Check RFTC website for tickets and showtimes.

Annville, Pa.: Frustrated by the gender wage gap? Come listen to Dr. Hilary Lips present “The Gender Wage Gap: Debunking the Rationalizations” at Lebanon Valley College. Dr. Lips’ presentation will look at the challenges in assessing the wage gap, debunking the common falsehood that the gap does reflects not discrimination, but rather occupational and educational choices. Find out how women are made to feel complacent about receiving lower pay. Thursday, Oct. 6, 11 a.m. Lebanon Valley College, Zimmerman Recital Hall, 101 N. College Avenue Annville, PA.

Philadelphia, Chicago, Washington, D.C. and Brooklyn, N.Y.: Black Lesbian Poets are on their 2nd Annual Revival East Coast Tour! The salon-style poetry troupe will be performing four shows in private homes for an interactive night of food, drink, merriment and, of course, poetry. Join them as they “break the envelope of safe space for today’s queer and trans artists and allies while sharing the written word.” Find times and tickets to the show near you. Oct. 6 – 15.

Portland, Ore.: In Other Words Feminist Community Center is turning 18 and you’re invited to the party/fundraiser! Featuring live music from Marisa Anderson; Lather, Rinse, Repeat; The Crossettes and DJ Amai and poetry from Tash Shatz. There will be food, beer, wine and a raffle! Come support IOW. (Be sure to show up at the right place: The celebration will be held at p:ear, not at IOW.) Thursday, Oct. 6, 6 p.m., p:ear, 338 NW 6th Ave, Portland, OR.

Everywhere: Celebrate Ada Lovelace Day and blog about the women who inspire you! Named after the founder of computer science, Ada Lovelace Day is dedicated to women in science, technology, engineering and math. This Ada Loveless Day, share the work of women you admire. Maybe your hero(ine) is your favorite professor or a famous scientist or a brilliant engineer. Post a blog, a cartoon, a photograph–whatever you’d like–and give credit where credit is due. Check out Geek Feminism blog for suggestions about how to participate. Friday, Oct. 7, all day.

TOP: Photo of painting of Ada Lovelace from Wikimedia Commons, public domain.


Sarah is a visual journalism student at Western Washington University in Bellingham, Wash. She has a near obsession with ending injustice and is a sucker for a good cause.