NEWSFLASH: Plan B Available To All Without Restriction

planbbbbLate on Monday, the Obama administration said it will comply with a federal district court order to allow over-the-counter sales of emergency contraceptives. Although the Department of Justice initially appealed the court’s ruling, it has since withdrawn its challenge.

This means that Plan B One-Step, which previously had an age restriction of 17 and older, will be available to women and girls of all ages. Those seeking emergency contraceptives will be able to purchase the drug from pharmacy shelves without a prescription or ID, just as they would a condom, spermicides or any other over-the-counter family planning item.

Said Jessica González-Rojas, executive director of National Latina Institute for Reproductive Health (NLIRH),

We applaud the administration for allowing good science and common sense to move forward. This is a decision that will benefit women across the country, especially Latinas. For too long, this important backup birth control method has been kept behind the counter and out of reach, especially for immigrant women and aspiring citizens of all ages, who are less likely to have government identification.

Photo courtesy of Flickr user °Florian under Creative Commons 2.0