Ten Ways to Share Non-Toxic Love on Valentine’s Day (and Everyday)

We want to share love with a lot of Valentines this year at the Sierra Club: Grassroots leaders advancing environmental justice in their communities; new members of Congress committing to act on climate change and advance a Green New Deal; federal employees working to protect our health and environment, even without pay during the shutdown.

There’s so much to celebrate, even when it doesn’t feel like it. We’re hopeful about the path forward—and our vision of a just, non-toxic world where everyone breathes clean air, drinks clean water, has access to clean energy and holds the power to thrive.

Changing our daily actions isn’t enough—the responsibility cannot fall solely on individuals, and we need a government committed to justice and change, companies with a vision for equity and sustainability and empowerment from the ground-up. That’s why we’re challenging norms, pushing boundaries and fighting to advance gender equity and justice.

But today (and everyday), you can join our movement and spread non-toxic love. Here are ten ways to start.

#1: Share Your Love

Think of an awesome grassroots woman community organizer or justice advocate. Support, thank and send them a Pal-entine. Make your own here!

#2: Support Reproductive Justice

It’s been two years since Trump expanded the Global Gag Rule which threatens access to health care around the world. The Sierra Club was one of 100 organizations to present a bold, proactive vision for lawmakers to deliver on sexual and reproductive health. Check out the Blueprint for Reproductive Health, Rights and Justice and amplify the mission!

#3: Tell Amazon and eBay to Take Toxic Products Off-the-Market

Online giants are selling women skin care products with dangerous, illegal levels of mercury. None of the skin lighteners tested listed mercury on the label, so people have no idea that they are purchasing a harmful product. Learn more and get involved here.

#4: Ensure the EPA Works for People—Not Polluters

The Trump Administration has nominated a coal lobbyist who says he won’t regulate toxic chemicals in drinking water to lead the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Thousands of faithful EPA employees work to protect our public health everyday and they need someone on their team. Show them our love and appreciation—tell Congress to reject Andrew Wheeler as EPA administrator.

#5: Get Connected

Sign up for the Gender Equity team’s newsletter about women, health and the environment!

#6: Meet the Women Working for Climate Justice in their Communities

In the face of constant climate-induced instability, women are not only on the frontline of impacts but also at the forefront of solutions. You can read their stories in Sierra Club’s Women on the Move report.

#7: Defeat Trump’s Toxic Nominee for Chief Scientist

Tell the Senate to oppose the nomination of Dow Chemical’s pesticide-pusher Scott Hutchins as Chief Scientist of the USDA. The last thing we need in our food, environment and loved ones is more pesticides! 

#8: Tell Companies to Save Our Oceans and Scrap Single-Use Plastics

Tell Coke, Pepsi, and other major plastic consumers to get on board and help us ditch single-use plastics

#9: Protect Flowers, Butterflies and Pollinators

Everyone loves flowers. But we need gardens that protect bees and other pollinators. Too many garden plants come pre-treated with insecticides—an unnecessary use of toxic chemicals. Many retailers have pledged to stop this, but Ace Hardware is dragging their feet. Tell Ace to stop selling coated seeds and plants that kill bees. Take action now and tell your friends to visit sc.org/bees2ace to help!

#10: Treat Your Friends—and Yourself—After You Take Action!

Treat yourself and your friends! Get your gals together to celebrate how much you love each other, take a fun class together or grab a bite! Appreciate the friends you have near and send a little thoughtful something to a pal far away. No time to send mail? Make a collage of your besties and thank them in your social feeds for being so amazing.

Are you in need of some you time? You can feel great about taking a night to celebrate being a good to yourself with simple things like cooking dinner and taking a bubble bath or just—whatever. you. want. Prioritizing your wellness is something your friends can surely appreciate. We all need it in these times!


A. Tianna Scozzaro is the Director of the Sierra Club’s Gender, Equity & Environment Program, where she works to ensure climate and environment policies support women and LGBTQ communities. Previously, she worked on the UN Sustainable Development Goals, conducted research about women's environmental stewardship in Congress and served as a public policy fellow for the U.S. House Select Committee on Energy Independence and Global Warming.  She holds an MPA in Environmental Science and Policy from Columbia and an undergraduate degree from UC Davis.