Climate Regulation and Reparations Should Focus on Fair Conditions for Pregnant People and Children

The climate crisis is already quietly killing millions. It, along with other ecological crises, is set to potentially kill a billion humans and countless nonhumans—those least responsible for causing it. But here is a truth you will rarely hear: The death count predictions are premised on the current reproductive rights models, the ones that caused the crisis to begin with.

The 22 Scariest Lines We Found in Project 2025’s 900-Page ‘Mandate for Leadership’

Project 2025, the extremist blueprint for the next Republican president, maps out the permanent reversal of more than 50 years of gains for American women and LGBTQ+ people. The authors of Project 2025—80 percent of whom served in the first Trump administration—paint a picture of a nation where women are fundamentally second class citizens.

Project 2025 contains an 887-page policy agenda. We read the whole thing, so you don’t have to. Here are the most terrifying things we found. 

A Call to Protect Mexico’s Women Climate Leaders

Exactly 12 years ago, Mexico enacted the Protection of Human Rights Defenders and Journalists law, a legislative promise to protect activists and reporters from violence and repression. Today, this promise remains unfulfilled.

Mexico remains one of the most dangerous places for human rights defenders, particularly for women climate leaders—who face targeted violence, threats, and attacks, with little to no effective protection from the state. Just last month, Mexico elected its first female president, Claudia Sheinbaum, an environmental scientist who has led on climate change throughout her career. While this election may mark a shift towards better protection and support for women climate leaders, there is a tremendous amount of work to be done to protect them—not only for their sake but for the future of our planet. 

From Rachel Carson to Wangari Maathai—Meet the Women Who Ignited Environmental Movements

The environmental and feminist movements have grown like stems and branches of a twisting vine or tree. Sometimes merging, sometimes growing apart. At times they have strengthened each other, yet at other times they have grown distant. Ultimately, they both address similar forces of oppression and exploitation. They share a common goal of dismantling the “status quo.” Their shared vision is the thriving of both women and nature. Climate change is not just an environmental crisis—it is a feminist crisis as well. 

Planet Versus Plastics: The Climate Crisis, Girls and Ice Cream

Girls have been systematically erased from conversations about the climate crisis. For many, this erasure has happened despite the life-changing impacts it is already having on their lives. Climate change is a crisis for girls’ rights as it exacerbates pre-existing risk-factors and heightens them to dangerous extremes.

What will it take for decision-makers to be convinced that girls should not just be a focus of responses. but also at the forefront of change?

Not One Woman on the List

Earlier this month, Azerbaijan President Ilham Aliyev announced the organizing committee for COP29, which will be held there in November. The list included 28 appointees, including Azeri government ministers of energy, health, finance and economy, among others. What the list did not include: women. Not one woman on the list.

The backlash was swift and thunderous. Global women leaders are speaking out: “Many of the key successes of the COP process, including the Paris Agreement, were delivered by women leaders, working closely with their male colleagues.”

Why One Mother Is Celebrating New Federal Methane Reduction Rules

When local parents and Patrice Tomcik, a mother, learned that a drilling company would be fracking on land just a half mile away from their children’s school campus, they became concerned. These gas wells will threaten the health and safety of children for decades to come. That’s why the federal government’s recent actions give some measure of comfort. The new EPA rules will establish comprehensive protections from methane and other harmful pollution for families living near new and existing oil and gas operations.

Holiday Reading on Women’s Representation: The First Black Woman on Albuquerque’s City Council; The 50 Most Powerful Women in Philanthropy

Weekend Reading for Women’s Representation is a compilation of stories about women’s representation. 

This week: how the 14 countries of the Oceania region are doing on women’s representation; Nikki Haley is getting way less attention than her male counterparts; the need for a feminist perspective in discussions around climate change; is Alaska the secret to saving U.S. democracy?; Nicole Rogers is the winner of the Albuquerque City Council District 6 runoff election; and more.