Two Years of #MeToo in the Ms. Archives

Everyday, Ms. sets out to shine a light on the way forward from #MeToo to a nation where laws and policies hold sexual assailants accountable—at work and in every area of their lives.

And, as the two-year anniversary of #MeToo is upon us, the need for more fundamental change becomes more urgent.

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We believe that the antidote to patriarchy is a strong feminist movement that demands change in our laws, our institutions and our customs—starting with prohibiting the use of nondisclosure agreements in legal settlements (at the discretion of the complainant) and ending mandatory confidential arbitration clauses in employment contracts. Congress must lift the cap it put in place on punitive damages in sex discrimination cases. Lawmakers everywhere must strike down the special protections they have built for themselves against exposure of the sexual harassers in their ranks. 

We will continue to celebrate victories big and small, like this year’s laws in states like New York and Illinois that eliminate the statute of limitations on sex crimes.

And just as we have since 1971, we will keep diligently reporting on news that relates to women everywhere—for we know that our readers and the nation depend on us to be a watchdog.

With that, the editors of Ms. compiled some of the best coverage on the topic of #MeToo. Some will inspire you; some might enrage you. But, more importantly, we hope it recommits you to the fight of our lifetimes and those of the trailblazers before us: the fight for equality, for safety and for the right to exist in this world as boldly and bravely as ever.

Feminists: Here’s to us!

“The Weinstein Effect”

How the downfall of one sexual predator can usher in an era of change for women everywhere.

Feeling Guilty About #MeToo? Three Ways Men Can Do Something About It

The answer to #MeToo is not for men to hide their heads in the sand. Retreating to the sidelines of these conversations is not going to get us anywhere. Men are the missing link to addressing these problems—and these are the strategies they can use to help women fight back.

Measuring #MeToo

A study released by the National Opinion Research Center at the University of Chicago provided a shocking picture of the extent and impact of sexual harassment and assault on women’s lives.

The 10 #MeToo Sheroes Who Led the Fight Against Sexual Harassment in 2018

2018 was a powerful year for survivors, advocates and their allies working to end sexual harassment—and these sheroes led the way.

Five #MeToo Moments That Expanded the Movement in 2018

FeministsRiseUp. #TakeBackTheWorkplace. #MeTooMcDonalds.

Time’s Up, across sectors and for abusers everywhere—and these hashtags proved it in 2018.

We Heart: The #MeToo Movement’s Love Letter to Dr. Christine Blasey Ford

“We will be grateful forever to you, Dr. Ford. You’ll see our gratitude in our straightened spines. You’ll see it when we march, when we walk out, when we show up. You’ll see it in the voting lines that go on forever. You’ll see it when you read our names on ballots. You’ll hear it in our reawakened voices. You’ll feel it in our strengthened siblinghood.”

Looking Back on a Year of #MeToo in the Media

Despite having been exposed in every sector of life and work, violence, sexual assault and harassment continues. But what began to change were the ways in which the media reported on it.

How #MeToo Changed Brett Kavanaugh’s Narrative

In the age of #MeToo, Kavanaugh and his compatriots on the Senate Judiciary Committee had to find a new way to discredit survivors.