The #MeToo Helpline

Knowing that an estimated four-fifths of poor Americans are unable to access the legal services they need because they can’t afford the cost, NOW and Legal Momentum have teamed up again to create the SYMS|Legal Momentum Helpline—which provides free information, assistance and referrals to women and girls facing discrimination and harassment at work, in school and at home.

A Miscarriage of Justice

In “A Miscarriage of Justice,” Sue details her own sexual assault and the subsequent miscarriage she experienced as a teenager. She relates her experiences to #MeToo and current misogynistic legislation and destructive misinformation regarding rape and the pregnancies that can occur as a result.

Of Monsters and Men

“He’s not a great guy, but it’s not like he’s Harvey Weinstein.” It was said about a booker who made passes at younger comedians. It was said about a club producer who made “jokes” to me about trading sexual favors for spots. It was said about a comedian who sexually assaulted other comedians.