Ms. Green: Meet the Advice Columnist Taking on the Climate Crisis

Got a burning or murky question that needs a bright-green answer? Sierra magazine’s new advice columnist, Ms. Green (a.k.a. Jessian Choy), will tackle any puzzle, no matter how big or small—whether it’s something global like clean transportation or the value of a plant-based diet, or something granular but no less weighty, like a plastic-free way to brush your teeth. You can submit yours here and peruse her previous responses here.

Illustration by Loris Lora.

Hey Mr. Green,

Would you consider renaming your column? Surely you rely on female ingenuity sometimes. I suspect that such an evolution in the magazine would go over very well with women organizers and activists.

—Terry in Minneapolis, Minnesota

Funny you should ask!

As many readers know, “Mr. Green” (a.k.a. Bob Schildgen) has answered your questions big and small for 15 years. I know I’ve learned so much from reading his column. As Sierra editors were planning for this special issue, they thought that maybe it was time to go in a different direction. “Ask Mr. Green” is now officially “Ask Ms. Green.” Thanks to Bob, I have big, hemp, fair-trade shoes to fill.

By day, I co-create laws and contracts and co-manage SF Approved, a website I helped create for the San Francisco Department of the Environment that lists green products and services. By night, I get my hands dirty greening homes, events and organizations and give talks on affordable housing and transportation. Late at night, I petition dictionary publishers to be less sexist. And I answer your questions. 

While all good things must come to an end, that makes room for new good things to be created. I am honored to be your Ms. Green—an Asian woman searching for unicorn solutions that can help us build a truly equitable, green world.

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This article originally appeared in the November/December 2019 edition of Sierra and on the Sierra website.


By day, Jessian Choy, aka "Ms. Green," co-creates laws and contracts and co-manages SF Approved, a site of green products she helped create at San Francisco Department of Environment. By night, she serves on the board of Earth Island Institute and shares fun and draconian tricks for a happy, equitable, green world—occasionally via dance videos, mad libs, behavior change, negotiation and public speaking workshops. She also gets her hands dirty greening homes, events and organizations and gives talks on affordable housing and transportation. Deeper into the night, she petitions dictionaries to be less sexist.