Holiday Gift Guide: Etsy Items Your Crafty Feminist Friends Will Love

You’re looking for gifts with that special handmade touch. You shop small whenever possible. We’ve put together your perfect holiday gift guide, featuring some of our favorite feminist gifts from Etsy makers!

No Limit Laser Cut Wood Journa

Featuring a quote by the inimitable Michelle Obama, this laser-cut wood journal originally debuted as a part of Hereafter’s International Women’s Day collection, but was so popular that they made it a part of their permanent collection. It’s a fitting gift for the aunt who devoured Becoming in just a day—and just the push she needs to begin writing her own story. 

Burn the Patriarchy Candle

This candle smells like “the dismantling of male power structures that plague society”—but a feminist like you might also recognize it as the scent of tobacco, burning wood and vanilla. The friend who loves curling up at home as much as they love taking to the street for the Women’s March each year? This is for them.

Feminist Enamel Lapel Pin

Your mom is the original feminist in your life. She’s also got a to-do list a mile long: dismantle the patriarchy, leave a better world for my daughter’s generation… Why not celebrate it?

‘Tis The Season To Smash Patriarchy Tote Bag

Coming in just under $25, this tote bag is the ideal Pink Elephant gift when you’re trying to bring a bit of feminist sprit to your holiday gift swap. And come on—everyone loves a tote bag. 

Tropical Floral Feminist Iron-on Patch 

Your ecofeminist best friend knows that climate change is a feminist issue. She’ll be happy to sport this “Destroy the Patriarchy, Not the Planet” iron-on patch while participating in #FridaysForFuture in 2020. 



Maddy Pontz is a passionate feminist and storyteller. She’s currently a freelance writer and frequent Ms. contributor, and was previously the community engagement editor at Ms. You can find her on Twitter @MaddyPontz.